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Ruphus -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 18 2013 10:28:16)

BTW, pissing oneself laughing for days ...

I never forget that story of his about a Sunday relatives & acquaintance meeting with the family dog showing up with a dildo in mouth.
And the vain attempts to clean the situation while the dog preserving his hunt would only make things worse by running into the visitors with that thing.

[:D] Hehehe, that was one of the most funny situations I ever heard of.

Especially when its been served in an understating style like Ron´s.

[:)] [:)]


acmitchell -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 18 2013 16:22:43)

I've been wanting to post on the forum more, but I usually don't have very much to say! So I generally just have the occasional lurk [sm=tongue.gif]

I can't believe it is coming up to a year now. It feels so long and so short at the same time. It's a strange feeling. But I still feel him with me, laughing with me when I watch some of the old comedies and cartoons we used to watch together.

Hahahahahahhahaha! That license is fantastic!

Ahahaha! My Dad had the best stories! I can just imagine how awkwardly hilarious that situation was!

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 20 2013 10:01:38)

Ron and I loved the "Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show" which has now moved to tv (not as good but still has some great lines).

This week Arthur discovers the Internet and starts posting random ads. One offers Harpsichord Tuning and when a women shows up he asks if she has a photo. She shows him one on her phone and Arthur replies:

"Oh, I had a completely different idea of what kind of instrument a harpsichord was."

Later he offers "Jack The Ripper Tours" from an ice-cream van and tells some tourists in Whitechapel that one victim was decapitated and her ghost is said to "roam the streets, looking into windows and going on about it"


Ruphus -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 20 2013 10:18:43)

Guess you guys must have appreciated Spitting Images too.
I certainly loved it.

With Helmut Kohl always standing over maps, saying: "It´s all mine!", while Thatcher would slap his back head with her handbag. hehehehe [:D]


ToddK -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 21 2013 6:44:38)

Just thinking about you Ron. I hope you're practicing up there. :)

Guest -> [Deleted] (Aug. 9 2013 20:15:43)

[Deleted by Admins]

junheng -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 13 2013 5:23:28)

I'm a very recent member of this forum, but I derive such fun (and help) from it ... and would like to thank Ron for getting this thing going. You're a real gem, Ron! Cheers mate.

clevblue -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2013 10:11:30)

I got a reply to my very first post from Ron, it was encouraging and humourous and it was such a shock later to hear of his passing. I am very glad I found this place

Haithamflamenco -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Oct. 23 2013 12:55:17)

I just heard about it know,

I am so sad,

Ron is the reason why we are here now,

he loves flamenco to the bones,

may god bless you ron,

I love you man[:(]

Exitao -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Feb. 21 2015 2:56:07)

Wow, I haven't visited for a very long time and so have only just learned of this now.

My regrets and condolences. Ron was a very generous soul.

I can only say that if there's any justice, there's a juerga every night wherever he's gone.

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Feb. 21 2015 8:27:44)

We do miss him so much, it's true. A legacy that anyone would be proud of.

guitarbuddha -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Feb. 21 2015 12:11:03)

Thanks guys for the reminder. He was like a kindly uncle who gently chided you at the dinner table when you had put your foot in it but still left you feeling welcome.


acmitchell -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Feb. 22 2015 12:17:30)

I'm glad that people are still posting on this thread.
I miss my Dad so much and not a day goes by where I don't think about him. Every so often I like to visit here and just sit and read the sweet, great things people have posted.

You are all wonderful people and I hope you've been keeping well x

ricecrackerphoto -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Feb. 22 2015 12:32:13)

I haven't been on the foro for a while but I have Ron's siguiriyas clip on my iPod and when it comes on during shuffle, I pause every single time and turn it up.

Never knew him, never met him, but I get a taste every once in a while of his touch at random parts of my life.


estebanana -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (May 27 2015 1:48:32)

At this point I think it is ok to post this excerpt from a private email between Ron and I. Like many who corresponded with Ron I goaded out the cheeky irreverent side of him in exchanges because we both laughed so hard. I suppose I wrote very coarse things back to him.

This was Ron's older brotherly advice to me about getting married. Remember we were taking the piss out of everything for fun, and I peek at these emails every so often an still get laughs. The language is, well, rough but I'm equally as brusque.
I hope you enjoy:

Ron philosophizing on relationships and TV.

"Just date them for life if you like em and raise your offspring as bastards.

Was good enough for royalty and gentry in the old days.

Hey....saw a slagging match on a Jerry Springer type show, where these two slags were arguing about which one was the bigger slut.

One of them said, (in reply to an insult)...

"Oh YEAH?....Oh YEAH? Well I've got SIX kids....and I definitely know who the fathers were for FOUR of them!!!.....You fukking SLUT SCUMBAG!"

Ah.....and the fool on the hill, sees the world going round....

The world is full of a number of things!

(From a book of ridiculous quotations I once read) ."

estebanana -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (May 27 2015 1:54:13)

This is the quote on his Foro profile page, which is still up!

"This is hard stuff!
Don't give up...
And don't make it a race.
Enjoy the ray of sunshine that comes with every new step in knowledge."

and full his profile name as it appears on this profile:

Real Name: Ronaldo Xavier Mac Amaya de los Otros

So not only was he an irreverent bastard with humor, but he cared about others and wanted everyone to know music is difficult stuff. He helped other people who were not professional players see flamenco as a way of personal growth and fun. Even professional players who were Ron's friends probably keep that in mind.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Aug. 14 2015 8:52:22)

[Deleted by Admins]

Goldwinghai -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Oct. 8 2015 15:34:12)

I am new to Flamenco and the forum. I check in everyday to read any new posts that you may have. Today out of curiosity I clicked on For Ron - Wow, I was in for a surprise and shock. Reading almost all the posts on these 7 pages, I saw the outpouring love and respect that this forum has for Ron. I see wonderful people here on this site. Now I love this forum even more.

Rob MacKillop -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Apr. 11 2016 14:38:07)

I've just returned here after an absence of a few years, and am very, very sorry about Ron's death. I had heard about it before, but I've now read all 7 pages of comments here, and it is so touching to see that he was and is missed so badly.

I went to visit Ron at his house, in fact I'm sure I wrote about my visit here. What I learned that he was exactly the same person in the flesh as he appears through his comments here. And I remember he frightened me with his playing. The boy could really play, and with duende - no question. He was the real thing.

kinsuk -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jun. 2 2016 21:18:07)

I just joined this forum but i know it is all because of his hard work i am here .

henrym3483 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 19 2018 18:47:37)

Ron's Cipres video came up on my playlist via youtube today, asking me if i wanted to watch again - if i could only play buleria half as well as you did ron.

god bless

flyeogh -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jan. 4 2019 8:34:27)

Was just looking for a challenge or two to get my new everyday 2019 regime underway (now I'm retired). After going through my numerous books I thought I'd visit the old challenges here. I concluded that trying to perfect the Beginners Tangos would give me a good first target.

I then had a read of Ron's "harsh but fair" critiques. Especially "I don't think the singer would thank you for that!" [:o] Can't imagine with my playing that wouldn't always apply [&:]

OK Ron, I have a lot of work to do if you think those guys had problems [8|] But off we go.

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jan. 4 2019 9:40:37)

Just watching this again reminds me of how well and naturally Ron could play.

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jan. 4 2019 9:41:03)

Good luck!

Dudnote -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jan. 4 2019 22:41:58)

That's hilarious - I watched that (possibly not for the first time too) thinking all along that that was his real hair!!

Great playing and what a great legacy!!

I wasn't very active on the foro, and its predecessor flamenco-teacher, in Ron's day, but feel I've benefitted enormously, and in unmeasurable ways, from what he did here. Thank you Ron!

RIP & viva Foroflamenco!

Arash -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Oct. 6 2019 12:59:36)

So I was going through my PMs to make space and delete some when I came across many of my old conversations I had with Ron. He helped me a lot to improve my english too! Actually saved my website of my little company at that time from being a complete linguistic disaster :D

And then I came across one (its not the entire PM but only two sentences)


Ron.M ,Jun. 7 2009

I've really got little faith in Political leaders these days.

They all seem to turn out to be liars and tossers in the end.

(That's another symptom of getting old! )[:D]



Damn.....10 years passed already ...I miss you Ron!

cathulu -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (May 24 2020 4:20:08)

Came across a beginner Buleria Challenge on my computer just the other day and I immediately thought of Ron. He made a lasting impression on me. So I came here, to pay my respects.

francisco412 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (May 26 2022 10:08:05)


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