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vigrond -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 4 2012 5:02:55)

my condolences

TGerman -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 4 2012 9:12:16)


My deepest condolences to you and your family. I am greatly sorry for your loss.

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 4 2012 10:12:32)


It might be nice if someone could put a bit of where and when he was born , school , work , just a paragraph or two , maybe to help put the image we have of him into perspective ...

I'll collect what information I can when I go up to Scotland.

El Kiko -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 4 2012 11:24:17)

Thanks ....I know you will be a great ambassador for the all of us here in the Foro ...
I hope the family and relatives approve of the Videos etc... and we can only see a few photos later .....

P.S. Scottish wake = whiskey , I'm sure ......maybe even Haggis , (whatever that is) .
That should be an experience in itself ....Ron would hopefully approve ..

Munin -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 5 2012 1:01:04)

It's only in these past few days that I really realize he's gone. One of the things in life that only hit you later on.

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 5 2012 1:36:13)


It's only in these past few days that I really realize he's gone. One of the things in life that only hit you later on.

Yeah, I know. It's a big hole [sigh]

elgreco -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 7 2012 4:31:08)

Devastating news. My condolences. Really decent and fair guy, qualities necessary for a popular forum administrator. My favorite (mis)quote of his was:

In Spain 1 out of 3 people do not have a job but Condes

Please excuse this nice example of taking somebody's words totally out of context.

aloysius -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 8 2012 22:20:29)

I only just read this - very sad indeed - on the forum there are many great knowledgable people, but he was forum's fountain of wisdom. Will be sadly missed.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Sep. 11 2012 0:42:36)

[Deleted by Admins]

ashod -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 12 2012 10:50:10)

Man, I can't believe this... I've been away for two months and now that I'm back, Ron is gone... AC, my deepest condolences to you and your family...

I still have all the private messages from the first (and only for now) buleria challenge I was in.
He was having so much fun at the reaction of all the members at my playing.
He told me "So don't worry....just sit back and ENJOY! [:D]"

Then, we had some chats and he took the time to point me out things to work and how to work to get better...

I'll miss your humorous posts Ron, you were undoubtedly a father figure to all of us here and a pillar to this foro.

I'll never forget you.

Arash -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 14 2012 21:46:48)

I came back to check the foro after a while again and i saw a thread about organising something in Andalucia "in memory of Ron" and i thought to myself ,what does Simon mean with "in memory of Ron"????!!
I searched the Foro and found this thread.
I can't believe it. Totally shocked and very very sad.
He was so young at heart.
Such a great person. So much fun we had in the foro.
I still need time to realise this.
My deepest condolences to you and family.

Georg -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 15 2012 8:59:58)

I haven't been here for years. Coming back now and reading this, I'm shocked. His wig video will be an all time classic.

Ron, you're great!

tonos -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 18 2012 18:53:54)

It has been a while since I last visited the Foro, so it was quite a shock to learn that Ron has passed away.
GJ has already expressed the same things I felt and more, but I still want to add my condolences to all the others.
I loved Ron for his love for music, for mankind, his outspokenness, and I remember how sorry I felt when he wrote how heartbroken he was when his love had left him. And now he has left us, heartbroken.

mrMagenta -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 19 2012 10:58:01)

I've been having some rough times, nearly giving up on music because of problems with my hands, so I've had a long break from the foro. Now I come back to this...

It's a shock. Feels like being hit by a heavy brick. I'm lost for words. I liked the guy very much. This is one of those moments that makes you feel pushed by the heavy hand of time, a sad point of no return.

I'll remember you, Ron.

silddx -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 26 2012 21:03:44)

This is very sad news. I am new to the forum really and had a bit of time away, but this was such a shock when I returned. I hope Ron has lots of fun at the juergas up there. Don't rest in peace, Ron, make a right racket! x

cathulu -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 30 2012 4:57:43)

Terrible news. I am very sad. Ron was such a great guy and I will miss him greatly. I am sorry I have been overtaken by life and not noticed this earlier... I thought I would be reading something from Ron today and instead find otherwise. Ron, rest in peace. I can't think of anything else to say. I am speechless.

kozz -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Sep. 30 2012 6:32:33)

I am very sorry to hear this.
Ron was synonyme to me for foroflamenco, a nice warm character with some spicy juice.

To you Ron: "Give me another 40 years or so, and I might be able to show you that alzapua when I get there....if not, we'll have one!



MarkMc -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Oct. 6 2012 20:13:41)


I've trying to get myself back into flamenco and have been away from this foro for too long. I'm very sad to learn today that Ron has passed. I loved reading all of his posts. You will be missed very much Ron. We shall all meet again.


bernd -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Oct. 29 2012 1:20:46)

As beeing away and returning to this forum, I see I´ve been away too long. It´s sad news to read that Ron has passed away. Some years ago I bought his flamenco metronome that helped me and my guitar pupils. I had some problems in the beginning and Ron helped directly via email. A short time later I´ve found this foro flamenco and met him again. After a longer period of a playing pause due to job commitments I´ve just made a new start on the guitar and bought last week some strings and the G7th capo. So my thoughts of the Flamenco Master metronome were present and I was thinking of Ron. Now I´m here reading this shocking news posted in august.

Unbelievable, I´m speechless. May God let shine His blessings to Ron´s family.
Deepest condelences belated.


edgar884 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Dec. 9 2012 0:18:43)

ah man. I'm gonna light a candle for Ron. see you on the other side man, and say hi to my Dad. there with us in many ways.

so sorry for the loss.

Sincerely Gabriel.

Florian -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Dec. 18 2012 3:36:20)

edgar, I haven't heard from you in years man, how are you ?

bahen -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Mar. 8 2013 12:00:48)

My deepest condolences for your loss, AC. I will miss him very much.

geert1957 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Mar. 12 2013 14:26:52)

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.
My deepest condolences to the family and to his friends.

acmitchell -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 17 2013 17:30:43)

Thank you everyone for all your messages!

Whenever I get sad or really miss my Dad it's always so comforting to come on here and read all your lovely messages. It really does mean a lot.

I am so grateful for this forum and to the fabulous members who have given me so much support when I have needed it most.

After writing this soppy post I think I'll eat a rock sandwich or wrestle a shark or do some other tough guy activities.. [:@][:@][:@]

I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying this beautiful Summer!

El Kiko -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 17 2013 17:50:05)

Hey , we're always around , struggling with our guitars .... come as often as you want and post whatever you need to say ..........nice to hear from you as well...[;)]

Ruphus -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 17 2013 17:55:24)

Yes! Really.

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 17 2013 17:56:33)

Hi AC,

Ron is with us, having a laugh and a moan at our antics. Coming up to a year now and he is often in my thoughts as are you.


guitarbuddha -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 17 2013 19:16:33)

I always feel him looking over my shoulder and tutting when I type. And he's still always right.


gerundino63 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 17 2013 19:30:10)

Everytime i see a scottish flag I must think of him.
Yesterdy during the tour de france for instance....

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Mark2 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Jul. 17 2013 23:55:27)

I often think of Ron as well. Just the other day I re-read a private message he sent me. He'd told me something I'd posted had him pissing himself laughing for days. One of my better contributions no doubt. My license:

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