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acmitchell -> R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 19:41:19)

Hello all,

Sadly I (A.C. Mitchell, his daughter) am here today to announce that my Dad, Ron Mitchell, has passed away. Maybe to most of you this is just a guitar forum, but this site meant so much to him, he spoke so passionately about everyone on this site. He made some real good friends on here, I often remember him telling me funny stories and showing me hilarious videos that people posted on this site.

My Dad was an amazing man, I love him so much and I want to do everything I can to make his send off really special. I would love to get some input from his friends about his favorite songs and anything else for the funeral. Also if anyone could attend, that would be wonderful, I know it would mean the world to him. The funeral will probably be arranged within the next few weeks, I'll keep this thread updated as soon as I have further information.

I also had an idea for anyone who can't attend. I was thinking about putting together a video, where everyone can say a few words to my Dad, or even play any pieces or compositions that he helped you with, I think he would really enjoy that.

I'll keep checking this regularly and it would be nice to read about any fond memories or nice things you have to say about my Dad.

Also if anyone has Facebook, feel free to message me: www.facebook.com/acmitchellxo

Rest in peace, Papatino. I know you're watching us all from above as you play your guitar in the sky.

xirdneH_imiJ -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 19:50:41)

oh my god...i'm speechless...
i am so sorry and so sad about this...he was such a great guy...

thank you Ron for all the passion, friendship, great laughs...


koenie17 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:00:21)

My deepest condolences! Im shocked. All the best for the family for your loss.

El Kiko -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:02:46)

Also speechless ....this is a real blow to all on the foro ............

guitarbuddha -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:03:20)

Thank you for letting us know. He will be in my thoughts.


Grisha -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:05:39)

Oh no... What a terrible loss for all of us! Ron was such a great person, we were lucky to have him here on the forum. R.I.P. Ron, you will be remembered and missed.

Leñador -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:05:42)

Unbelievable........He was the first to great me to the foro. I believe I was to meet Ron at a clinic in Spain in a few weeks, I was looking forward to meeting him and having another foro member there. Very sad, my deepest condolences to the family.....[:(]

Elie -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:10:06)

when I first read this thread I was in total shock I was like "this can't be happening"

he was a great person and a great guitar player, I had a conversation with him and it showed me how wonderful he is, we all loved him here.

I'm so sorry, My deepest condolences![:(]

XXX -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:13:14)

He was such a character, i will miss him. I am happy to read he did enjoy the foro so much. We had a great time with him here. He will be missed.

Graham_B -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:17:17)

Dreadful news[:(]

Kevin James Shanahan -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:30:20)

Very sad , I wish your family well .

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:35:17)

Thanks for letting us know, AC. Ron was a marvellous patron of flamenco and more than that, he spent many happy hours encouraging others here. This was another kind of home for him.

If you could post the details here, it would be an honour to attend his funeral.

I am sure there are those here who will also be honoured to contribute to his memory in the form of words and with the beautiful music he loved.

Most of all, Ron was my friend and I loved him.

z6 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:37:39)

I lurked here for a very long time before posting.

I was addicted to Ron's posts. I used to read a thread and wonder what Ron would say. He was always a breath of fresh air. He was funny and clever and passionate. He was full of wisdom and life. I am much the better for having heard his voice. He was an original.

He was also a very fine musician and an inspiration to me.


gerundino63 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:40:39)

Rest in peace Ron, without you the foro will not be the same.
All strength to the family and friends.....

mark indigo -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:45:16)

completely gobsmacked.... i'm totally shocked.....

i'm really, really sorry for you and your family

Ron was so cool when there was any stuff kicking off, he just didn't seem to rise to any of it, and kept a laid back sense of humour about it all.

he also gave me some good advice about dealing with that kind of stuff.

a great loss for everyone

jg7238 -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:46:47)

This is quite a shock. Ron was a great guy. He will be missed for sure. My most sincere condolences. [:(]

beno -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:52:53)

shocking to hear about that! He may play guitar in the heaven now...
R.I.P. [:(]

Stu -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:53:48)

This is very sad indeed! This place won't be the same again. He really was part of the backbone of this community.
I'll miss that scottish flag waving away on the left. Will miss your posts man and your particular brand of humour! Peace!

elroby -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 20:58:53)

I'm sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences to you and your family.


chester -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:00:32)

God... I'm so sorry A.C.

I always enjoyed reading his posts, he was a man with great experience, class, and a wonderful sense of humor.

He mentioned he was going through some rough times, hopefully he's in a better place.

He also talked about his children a little. I remember something about taking you to the zoo and you mispronouncing some word...

My deepest condolences to you and your family. We will all feel his absence here.

Escribano -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:07:49)


This is hard stuff!
Don't give up...
And don't make it a race.
Enjoy the ray of sunshine that comes with every new step in knowledge.


itoprover -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:08:09)

:( R.I.P Ron

Kate -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:09:15)

Thank you so much for letting us know AC. He was a dear friend, albeit virtually. We shall miss him on the forum dreadfully. Once while watching a BBC programme on the British blues Ron not only thought of me and my husband, a musician who was friends with many in the programme, but he also bothered to tape it and send a copy to me in Spain. A beautiful and thoughtful man. May he rest in peace and condolences to his loved ones.

rogeliocan -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:11:01)

WOW! Sorry to here this, my deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Ron is the guy that maid me want to learn Cipres.

Anders Eliasson -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:22:57)

Oh no... Thats very sad news.
I wish all the best to his family and friends.

mezzo -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:24:15)

what a sad news [:(]

sig -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:25:09)

AC, While your dad and I never had an actual exchange on the foro, I really enjoyed his responses to the various topics discussed. He always seemed to rise above the fray when need be but had a quick wit and sharp reply when appropriate and without letting it get personal. I will miss his posts and my sincere condolences to you and your family on this sad day...

srshea -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:30:48)

What truly awful and heartbreaking news. My condolences to you, A.C., and to Simon and anyone else here who knew Ron in the “real world.”

I always thought of Ron as, if not the outright heart of the Foro, an essential animating force behind it, able to cut to the chase in any argument with no-nonsense wisdom, or puckishly stir up trouble with his well-seasoned guasa. Even only knowing him in the limited sphere of this foro, it was obvious that he was a true character and a truly remarkable guy. Won’t be the same without him.

Cheers, Ron.


acmitchell -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:32:30)

Thank you everyone so much for your kind words, these past few days have just been unbearable, I'm so devastated. But this has really made me smile seeing everyone post such lovely things about him, I'm glad that he made such an impact on not just me, but so many others. It really cheers me up to know how greatly loved he was by everyone on the forum.

I'll be sure to keep this updated as early as possible with any information regarding the funeral, and please, no one hesitate to contact me.

keith -> RE: R.I.P Ron Mitchell (Ron.M) (Aug. 27 2012 21:36:17)

A.C. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I wish the best for you and those who were left behind. It is good to know that your father is now hanging with some great flamenco players--Ricardo, Sabicas and many others. Some get harps at the pearly gates and some get guitars and I am sure your father got a Santos or a Barbero on arrival.

As I recall Ron Mitchell had a flag flying as his avatar and I see the same flag flying in the upper left hand corner of the home page--nice touch Foro!

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