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Acrylic nails 

I recently started playing regularly for dance classes in addition to spending more time working on rasgueado. To make a long story short I have tried everything but nails keep chipping and breaking and I am increasingly frustrated with having to play with only flesh while they grow back.

I'd like to try the acrylic option. My understanding is that this is some chemical combination that forms a very hard nail and that I need to go to a salon to have put on. A couple of questions:

Do I need to cut off my natural nails before this and get these "extensions" or do the acrylic just go over top of the natural nail?
Does this thing fall off? If so, after how long?
Do I need to do anything to maintain them aside from filing?
Can they be filed with a glass file which is what I use currently for my nails with crazy glue?

Finally, my sincere apologies to all of you for beating what remains of this horses bloody corpse..


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From: Los Angeles

RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

I have trouble with my thumb and I've gone the acrylic route a fair amount of times. I kinda only do it in emergency situations's what I've experienced.

They can put them over long nails to protect them, they can add a tip to make it longer, whatever you wanna do. Glass file will work but kinda slow for major shaping cus the acrylic is so thick.

If you go to a good nail tech they're going to beat your nail to a pulp with power tools to make sure your acrylic NEVER falls off. You can be the judge of whether that's good or not.

If you get a bad nail tech they'll beat your nail just enough so it's useless then attach an acrylic that falls off after about 2 weeks and your left with something worse then when your started.

Either way the acrylic is very thick and will begin growing out and leave a big gap at the back that can catch on strings doing rageos, for my thumb abanicos would catch and I'd have to file the back side down to a ramp.

They are way thicker and denser then your nails so whichever one has it will make a very different sound than all the others.

That said sometimes it's the only hope but I try to stay away and just keep up with the super glue regiment.

Good luck, nail issues is a bitch.


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RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

My nails have been chipping off recently.
I have tried stick on nails , glue etc.
best solution i have found is silk wrap.
Makes a great nail.
You can google "silk wrap nails" for vidios of how to do it

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From: Scotland

RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

I recently started using silk wrap, it's by far better than acrylic as you can really control the thickness. It takes a little practise to make it unnoticeable. However, second to superglue the cheapest option i think.
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RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

Check out,; he has a great line of products with lots of instruction. I have been using his products for several years.
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RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

If you're interested, I've found some things that work very well for me. And improve your real nails in the process.
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RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

Thank you all for the replies. I thought I'd try acrylics since I'm a heavy handed player and playing lots of rasgueado for the dance classes. I remember Ricardo saying somewhere that acrylics are pretty much the only way to go if you're in that situation. I really don't like the idea of my natural nails being destroyed or having to go to a salon on a regular basis so I guess you've talked me out of it for now.

I also found this interesting blog here on Jason McGuire's nails:

I know he's pretty heavy handed player so I guess there are other options. I think I will give either the silk wrap or the acrylic + glue combo a try next and see what happens.


I have actually tried the guitarplayernails and I find that they fall off quite easily and leave my nails weaker afterwards. Usually one finger will fall off after a few days and the last within a week. I've tried it multiple times and I'm pretty sure I'm gluing them on right. It's fine that they fall off eventually but I don't like the idea of not knowing when it's going to happen.


Yes please share any suggestions. Don't be shy.


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RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

Ive never tried using Glue or Fake nails just this application all the way;

Its a bit expensive but worth trying for sure, it does make your nails harder. I get problems with my nails , particular the Pulgar but i think that has more to do with me not filing my nails properly leaving weak points to be chipped away when playing.
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RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

Aright, I don't want to jinx myself here, so I'm knocking on wood. I haven't broken a nail since I got my system down. I play dance class and I play quite loud. I'm also a mechanic for a living. When I started I was breaking nails all the time.

This is a multi-faceted system. First of all, you need to protect the nail while it grows out. Like all new nail growing out. Like 6 months. I am very particular about what gel nails I use and you want Gelish, because its a soak off. The last thing you want to be doing is filing or abrading the nails, especially the part attached to your finger. Its good to file the white part. Keep them no longer than needed. Like 1mm to at most 2mm. Thumb too.

You don't need a lot of nail, just some nail. The longer the nail, the more leverage you give the string to break your nail. Also more nail to catch on a string. The attack in Flamenco should be made with both nail and flesh, where the nail meets the finger. That's why you only need 1mm. Keep the white part of the nail smooth, so that it can't catch on anything (like a string).

I do my own nails every 2 or three weeks. I can't swallow my pride enough to go to a nail salon. You can get a Gelish setup for 45 bucks or so. Let me know if you're interested, I'll get the links. If you want to do it, I'll give you instructions. When you do your nails remove the old gel with nail polish remover. This is the only time I let a chemical touch my nails (other than water in the shower or when I wash my hands. DON'T FILE THE PINK PART OF THE NAIL. That's why gelish rocks, because its a soak off, the other brands are not.

The gel coat makes your existing nails stronger, but more importantly protects your growing nails from chemicals and damage. Wear gloves when you do things that can damage your nails, like washing dishes or replacing a transmission in a car.

If you have any questions let me know. This is the real deal.

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RE: Acrylic nails (in reply to NenadK

Its been a couple weeks since I did my nails and I've fixed a lot of cars, but here they are!

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