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fusion -> Mariano Conde (Mar. 1 2020 2:26:35)

New custom order flamenco guitar handmade by Mariano Conde in Madrid, Spain.

yourwhathurts69 -> RE: Mariano Conde (Mar. 1 2020 5:00:51)

Cool video! I wonder if that's now the standard bracing style for Mariano. It reminds me of a Torres style bracing but with 5 struts instead of 7. How do you like the guitar?

Echi -> RE: Mariano Conde (Mar. 1 2020 8:14:52)

Bracing of the AF26 is the same of some Hermanos Conde Felipe V of the early 90.
In this case the guitar looks to be the entry level Conde and not the A26.
Now Mariano uses the media luna headstock also for the studio model made in Madrid.

fusion -> RE: Mariano Conde (Mar. 1 2020 15:10:11)

I am very happy with this guitar, well balanced tone, very flamenco, good volume, plays like a dream, 650 scale, comfortable neck with great intonation.

It is the Pozuelo model, with simpler bindings than his more expensive models and with just purfling on the top, but the woods are beautiful and it sounds wonderful.

And working with both Marianos was a real pleasure. Sending me pictures and keeping in touch via text during the whole process after I ordered it in person at their shop in Madrid and discussing all my options with Mariano. Also talking on the phone and via email with true interest in making me happy. I requested 2 different saddles (high and low) and no problem, the second one was in the case and fits perfectly.

And yes, he is now using the "Media Luna" headstock on all his guitar models because he knows that is what everyone wants when they want to own a Conde guitar. After all he is Mariano Conde Jr.

Now I want a negra cutaway!

Tom Blackshear -> RE: Mariano Conde (Mar. 1 2020 17:31:58)

Congratulations on getting what you want. It's not every day that a guitar is ordered and players get exactly what they envision.

But I agree that it can happen.

I use to give a 7 day approval for my work but now in older age I just make a guitar, and if it turns out right, then I call around to see who wants it.

At this stage of the game, I wonder if building guitars is not too risky to keep going.

But if I can get into the shop and keep practicing my craft, then I enjoy that part of it.

And I still understand what a good guitar is :-)

fusion -> RE: Mariano Conde (Mar. 1 2020 20:53:54)

Thanks Tom for your kind words and it was a pleasure chatting with you today over the phone.

Hope to visit with you real soon.


Tom Blackshear -> RE: Mariano Conde (Mar. 2 2020 1:52:27)

Thank you for calling. It was a pleasure hearing from you after all these years. I'm very interested in seeing your new Conde, as well as perhaps some other guitars in your collection; especially the Bellido you think so highly of.

Any other Conde guitars would be interesting to see.

Please call me in two weeks toward the end of my chemo.

fusion -> RE: Mariano Conde (Mar. 2 2020 2:13:16)

Thanks Tom!

Will do and I hope you feel better real soon!

Tom Blackshear -> RE: Mariano Conde (Apr. 22 2020 15:34:52)

After being out of touch all these years I'm glad to see you are still in business and doing well.

Things are still not stable enough to get together but I'm enjoying listening to your music.

fusion -> RE: Mariano Conde (Apr. 23 2020 3:24:57)

Thanks Tom!

I have decided to release all the Lara & Reyes videos, clips, interviews and audio from my personal archives because I know there are many fans out there that will enjoy them, plus what's good about just leaving them in the can!

Hope you are feeling better and I wish we can get together real soon!

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