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Observation on commercial operation ... 

When in past centuries large constructions were built in countries like France for instance, massive and very long stored beams of oak used to be implemented. This was possible, because each generation of carpenter used to cut down and plant oaks in provision, covering up to 500 years in advance for their family shop.
Amazing kind of preparation, innit?

When you move around in the Alps you will find that people have pathed ways up the mountains. Removed rocks, planned surface, built steps, railings, small bridges, etc.

In Middle Eastern cultures you may often find nothing alike, not after centuries of inhabitance, and not even now in modern times of municipality. No efforts taken. Not even to the convenience of oneself. Somewhat walkable natural passage often times only as far as next rocks coming in the way. And you wonder how people managed to move utensils like fridges etc. into their houses.

Mules and donkeys are forced along nonetheless. And I have seen spots where poor overloaded creatures must have slipped off and fallen into clefts. At some places happening regularly so. And when some grandma gets seriously ill, she must be lifted over rocks and gaps by numerous of her family members to reach to the valley. Still, not enough of needless hassle to merge a community of single individuals who´d decide to jointly produce prevention for themselves, for everyone, for future generation. There exists too little of togetherness and prophylactic attitude.

But back to common western mentality.
Undertakers have commonly been overly milking off from underprivileged, and the term of Manchester Capitalism is not known only as of late.
Yet, with all the profiteering a certain foresight, or if you will business philosophy, used to be in place. At least in so far as the future of the business was taken into consideration, covering coming generations. If not with respect to employees, at least in view of owner´s offspring.

This has been vanishing, and so to say oriental style taken over. Which to my understanding presents capitalist mentality as such since ancient times already. (Focus on instant cashing and on nothing else. Commonly with no long term strategy, no customer base consideration, no nada.)

Early symptoms of new "philosophy" must have been those in the early eighties or so, in form of top managers (like at GM) as "cleaners". Who would be reputated and wooed as guys who´d fire personnel (and install their own kick-backs from subs and pseudo services) for to generate black numbers.

First of advanced new age changes appeared to show however, when western manufacturers started moving production to China. Aware of home staff´s faith then, and even aware of know-how that would be copied overseas and aching to coming downsides of own firms (after the hyper profits).

Meanwhile policies have become even more short-sighted.
The German weapon maker Rheinmetall e.g., even though better connected to the government than it ever should, is now building whole manufacturing plants for clients in places like South Africa or in Arabic countries. Freeing the shady biz from the little of formal obligation that it had in Germany, and opening its produce to "do like you want" routines. (With the Saudis for instance now daily loading dozens of xxl containers filled with RM bombs at South African port, for to then drop the ware over Yemen.)

Ethical concerns aside, which the modern weapon branch never had, the management must be aware that it is cutting the commercial ground from their own company´s base with the new strategy.

You already know what the background to the new biz agenda is.
Local and nationally grounded and oriented firms are a thing of the past.
These days are not those of inheritance or municipal concerning anymore. It is the time of CEOs who lead a vagabond life, with no aim other than sacking in maximum at each of temporary positions. With whereabouts of firm, legacy, lesser even personnel, of no matter to management.

And just congruently so: Same development with individual premise of master owners. It didn´t need expertise and books first, released on the matter lately, for to unveil the psyche most commonly behind it. Exclusively focused on serving personal recognition and shining in rivalry. Giving no dime on anything sustainable, or even just future aspects of own offspring anymore.

This escalated unsocial and pathological method of economizing is bound to collapsing.

Either luckily or ironically though, times being ante portas when technology will free this world from levers for subduing fellowmen and creature. Times when material demand can be filled with literally fantastic ease, and when human can engage with progressing reason and humanism.

Unless insanity was to ignite A-war, or let environment cease being inhabitable before coming tech and culture could had set in.

It needs to be seen what will occur first. Either reason or end of habitat.
Stay tuned. It quite appears as if which of whereabouts won´t show too far in the future.
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Posts: 3736
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RE: Observation on commercial operat... (in reply to Ruphus

I hardly dare considering indicators (reflected in the thread as well), though.

If it were going downhill with Fritz at least, to me it would be a bit easier to digest.

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RE: Observation on commercial operat... (in reply to Ruphus

Well I found this interview with a climate change skeptic ( or rather he is apathetic at the start) great because over time you sense the guy really reconsidering his position, thanks to potholer54... I know it’s long but quite refreshing since online strangers tend to be so polarized. Especially interesting is the info on new solar energy options....


CD's and transcriptions available here:
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RE: Observation on commercial operat... (in reply to Ruphus

Thank you for the link, Ricardo.

I dropped out after about 25 min. because of my limited throughput and as it began to show how the interviewer started to become convinced. Clearly a nice example of how to approach unconscious deniers.

Another mentioned item there that stuck to my mind was the initial mention of social science as less defined.

Something that I agree to the extent of inherent complexity and partially very hard to circle in conditions and subsequences.
After all, that is why it blows my little of mind trying to evaluate certain socially based economic values (, and why besides in my latest fictional novel there occur international science congresses for to tackle the very of such highly complicated matters).

However, to my understanding the field is not nearly as vague and metaphysical like conserving mind-sets like to pretend. Rather does it appear so obscure as a whole, because of anthropological strings being commonly ignored for one, and secondly one fundamental constituent being skipped within human rights, which is the inalienable right on a producing individual´s labor surplus value.

Under sustaining routines the actuality of ignored social principles are left to emerge one by one in the discrete late behavioral subjects. And recently under culminating neo-liberalism and capitalism destruction the cooperative corner stones are gradually surfacing to media and common sense as well.

And Cold War´s gross distortion appears to be on an ever so slightly gradual retreat. Even though just yesterday (on Karl Marx´s 200th birthday) an article of a person supposed to be an economical scientist demonstrated how still utter BS and incongruence on the anniversary is possible also without use of former most spread standards of distortion and disinformation. (Needless to say that the online domain would not allow my comment to come through in which I dismantled the nonsense of that author point by point by reference to the actual literate source. -We are after all still far from sincere commercial medial seek and from an end of establishment´s orchestrated spin.)

If some of social fundamentals weren´t traditionally and intentionally dismissed the gross anachronisms of our times weren´t there in the first place.

Yet, we are to come to senses and to sanity and reason, and to self-evident understanding that blatant social injustice, aggressive exploitation, war mongering and fatal environmental destruction can neither present imperative nor humane undertaking.

Empathy and social being reside in our genes.
200 000 years of homo sapiens can´t be mentally wiped out by some millennia of monarchic fooling, lesser even a whole 6-8 mio years of legacy.

If selfish and ogre being was our nature, we would be healthy as is, but we aren´t.
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