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well ,should I say again ..this is not gonna sound good   You are logged in as Guest
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sorin popovici


Posts: 417
Joined: Jan. 7 2005
From: Iasi, Romania

well ,should I say again ..this is n... 

Better practice more ...I changed my mind
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Posts: 7051
Joined: Jul. 7 2003
From: Scotland

RE: well ,should I say again ..this ... (in reply to sorin popovici

I read your post before you deleted it.
I don't think you expressed anything other than the frustration that a lot of us feel here that have day jobs not associated with the guitar.

One thing I will say that you will be a complete idiot if you don't sit your final exans in Engineering.

So what...another 6 months of studying?

To quit now would be the worst move IMO.

A fully qualified Plumber or Electrician is a lot more employable than a third year (failed to take his finals) non-graduate!!

Take stock here amigo.

See getting through your finals as one more step in developing yourself into a full-time guitarist.

Henrik is a graduate Music guy as is Ricardo, both able to take up pretty well paid teaching positions.
Grisha is studying and teaching in a music college in the USA.
Miguel is a Business graduate, doing guitar and making a good success of it.

Don't just drop everything, and just go for the passion.

To make a living at Flamenco Puro, would involve being quite an astonishing player, being fully conversant in Spanish and at home in Andalucian culture.

Sorin, I appreciate your soul and frustrations man....but you've got to think ahead a bit here.
A muscian's life ain't that easy unless you take a completely professional approach to it as Miguel and Jon have.
That is, giving the punters what they want, be it Rumba etc...
In fact Ricardo kept himself afloat with the income from working as a "Rumbero" doing Weddings and gigs...!
It takes time.
Meanwhile get your head into them books and get through your final exams.

Think of it as the best way of getting the income to let you study guitar more IMO.


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Posts: 3051
Joined: Dec. 15 2003
From: Sweden

RE: well ,should I say again ..this ... (in reply to sorin popovici

also. what is 6 months in a whole life? or even 4 years of study.
It´s nothing


This is hard stuff!
Don't give up...
And don't make it a race.
Enjoy the ray of sunshine that comes with every new step in knowledge.

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Posts: 2960
Joined: Dec. 6 2004

RE: well ,should I say again ..this ... (in reply to sorin popovici

Hey, alright! A "stay in school" thread. Neeto!




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Posts: 317
Joined: Sep. 12 2004

RE: well ,should I say again ..this ... (in reply to sorin popovici

I didn't see what you posted previously but I assume that you're frustrated with the same things as I am.

Anyway STAY IN SCHOOL! I'm presently serving 2 years of compulsory military service and I'll be back in university in Mid 2007. I can't play as much as I like but to give up studying is too much to handle on my part. That's because my passion lies in a guitar style that no one here appreciates and neither am I good enough. Maybe you are, but music isn't an easy business, especially out of the classical world. For me, classical guitar isn't highly regarded here, flamenco is even more dead in Singapore.

I fully agree with Ron. I'm studying to get the income I need to fully enjoy the instument. I need the money for my personal life and also my instrument. I need a real classical guitar and it'll be my own salary that will pay for it, not anyone else's. I need money to attend lessons and take exams for classical guitar. I need money to watch recitals and attend masterclasses later on. And my final goal, go to Spain for some real flamenco and also an Anders if possible.

I feel for you Sorin, simply because I think I'm in a worst situation but yet I don't think of that this way. I'm practising barely an hour a day and I've just played for a little over 3 years. Yet I'm surprised that I've got so far trying to learn on my own with so little time on hand. I think I might have found something I can be great at with proper guidance and sufficient time. But not being able to achieve it now or not being able to achieve it soon enough will not discourage me.

This is the reason I shared the exercises with the forum in hope of helping beginners. I did those exercises for only 30mins a day and I've gain much better control over my playing. I'm not saying that technique is everything, but it is a prerequisite for music, and I hoped that it would help people like me who have not enough time at the moment.

Always think that you've insufficient time AT THE MOMENT, this situation WILL NOT last!

Good luck & never give up,


Try some Enrique Iglesias for some great cante.
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Posts: 9240
Joined: Jul. 14 2003
From: Adelaide/Australia

RE: well ,should I say again ..this ... (in reply to sorin popovici

I would normally say follow your dreams do what you love but in this case, follow your dreams do what you love in 6 months.

Alot of my work here comes trough beeing associated with the flamenco dance schools, i dont think theres any yet in Romania.

Be smart and patient and work take this 6 months to plan stuff like repertoir, how will u let people know that you exist , find, train a precussionist or another instrument, or prepare backing tracks. Make some nice demo cds and send em to all the places you would wanna work at, restaurants, cafe's, hotels.

U have alot of planing and thinking to do and you will need some money, so if u wanna do it, do it but do it the smart way and plan, so use the 6 months.


Rest In Peace Ron, I will never ever forget you my friend.
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John O.

Posts: 1718
Joined: Dec. 16 2005
From: Darmstadt, Germany

RE: well ,should I say again ..this ... (in reply to sorin popovici

Stay in school!!!

I'm a trained inside sales guy myself. I made this boring career move because I can do sales for anything needing a back office so I can always find a job and can focus on my music without worrying about paying the rent. My next step will be taking a part-time job once I make enough from teaching and accompanying. If I could get that far, it'd be good enough for me.

It's important to have your bases covered at all times. Six months of studies is better than a lifetime of unpayable bills and no food in the fridge!

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Posts: 4400
Joined: Apr. 14 2005

RE: well ,should I say again ..this ... (in reply to sorin popovici


ORIGINAL: sorin popovici

Better practice more ...I changed my mind

Thats a right approach, imho


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sorin popovici


Posts: 417
Joined: Jan. 7 2005
From: Iasi, Romania

RE: well ,should I say again ..this ... (in reply to sorin popovici

thanks for the replies.I observed that if my post is very long ,usually i'm beeing
misunderstood I'll try this marketing aproach "keep i short"

I never said I'll leave school ...and it will be stupid to do so now.
I said that after I finish , my options are :
1. be hired by a company and forget about guitars probably for five years or so.
2. get a music school diploma and in the meantime try to live by getting
a badly played job.

why this are my choices?cause i'm not that good enough either to make music
or to be that good of an engineer to make easy money.

U cant chose flamenco here (I can not chose , cause I cant play it either).
Flamenco is here a weird thing that classical guitar players play for encore.
And if u play classical things life is not good either,the people who are
really good at it usually emigrate because they are poorly payed and
they work as teachers here(but teaching here though it can cover the food
and other normal expenses ,maybe a internet bill or a phone bill
....but u'll never get the guitar u want or the other things that u think u need).
Other fingerstlye music is folk music (but u have to sing ,and even if u do ..
u need a couple of years at least to make a dolar).

Flo ...the choice u have is good but it's not posible here ,I played
in my bedroom for 7 years ..I got to play in front of somebody for 4 years
to get somewhere.That's what's a music school offers ...exams and little
concerts that are preparing u for playing to stand up .

[jokes ]

I played twice in front of people.Once played cause my
1st teacher, an old fellow that is some sort of freelance
composer now(he writes negatives for people ..he is a
self taught piano and guitar player(well...he is in a way
a fingerstyle guitar player,but ...he is not that good,he
thinks Carcassi's method is classical music,he taught me
that...but he find out from me that ,that is classical music
for didactical purposes.).Anyway,played gavotte en rondeau
and a little solea.After the "recital" the audience mainly
kids and parents ...a parent came to me and said he really
liked that mexican stuff.Well, after some years of non playing
guitar(he was a player sometime in his life) I might be him,who knows?
I was to all the classical guitar concerts I found out about in my
town,and once took the train for 200km for seeing the national
classical guitar competition .But that was mind
blowing,seen some greeks ...oh,boy...u cant compete with that
without a music school.Seen a guy playing the whole bach suite
no.4 for lute ,also Sueno (tarrega) and smth I dont remember now.
The price for the ticket was 2 Euros.And he played well...I assure you.
So..without a music school , u got to be is not a big
surprise to me that Grisha also plays classical and that he emigrated.
So ..I dont know ...maybe as a hobby u can do that here,but Grisha's
(and he's from Russia ...and I assume that things are a tiny little bit
better there)model I think says it all for how good must u be ,to succeed. glad u got away at the proper time.If u have left just a year
later...well,your chances to be a good player would have been slightly
I cant imagine how determined was Grisha,but in a way his choice was a little
easier,because he chose at a very early age without knowing it (his father
probably helped a little.I'm not saying that he had to do less work,on the
contrary ...probably he had a very hard to please teacher sometimes)
My choice is harder though than his ,cause I got to make it at an age
where the responsabilities of such a gesture are pretty evident.I can
not say things like "well...that's all I know ,I have no other choice"
Anyway , I deleted the post ...cause I also asked somebody else,
and he said that when I'm asking for people for an opinion
, they usually have one and they respond if the answer will
not make them assume a great responsability.That's why people
say "stay in school",cause if u dont ..and u fail , and they will
want 2 see u in 10 years ..they will feel somehow responsable for that
advice,and no one wants to feel guilt.So ...that guy told me
that though I can ask a teacher if that piece is played good
or not ....I should not ask for someone to assume my
responsability,that is my job.
So thanks for the replies,I'll do whatever responsable thing
I will think is not that risky ...and hope for the better .
These jokes,I intended to be more funny than this..but ...

haha ha ...I said short post.
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