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kitarist -> RE: A riddle [answer to the water/wine riddle] (Nov. 4 2022 16:54:45)


- You have “a” lighter, meaning you cannot simultaneously light opposite ends.

You are right; ideally it would have been defined better. However, perhaps you also have a piece of paper or two - you light that first, then use that and the lighter itself to light a fuse at both ends simultaneously without bending it at all [;)]

When thinking you can't bend at all I also thought of geometric things. One solution without any bending and having literally just one lighter without any other help (so can't light two different places at the same time) that I came up with is the following (one can argue it is not really measuring though it is in the most expansive definition of that word):

You make a square cross with the two fuses by first lining up the two on top of each other, then as you start to rotate the top one by both ends (keeping it straight) into a square cross you note which spot stays with the bottom fuse - that is the middle/center. Once you identify that, you hold there and at the end and overlay that half with the half of the bottom one, and do the same; now you have the middle of the half point, i.e. 3/4 point on one of the fuses. Then just light there - the fire will spread in two directions, you ignore the shorter pat and concentrate on the longer piece, which will burn for 45 seconds.

edguerin -> RE: A riddle [answer to the water/wine riddle] (Nov. 4 2022 17:03:50)

How long do you guys need to light that fuse?? Challenge: light both ends with ONE lighter in under 1 sec. [&o]

JasonM -> RE: A riddle [answer to the water/wine riddle] (Nov. 6 2022 23:17:56)

Haha I see! guess I was trying to push my wet noddle beyond it’s limitations!

Very clever, K. You: 2, Me: 0. [:D]. At least I got the one with the ordering drinks pretty fast… lot of experience in that department

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