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Richard Jernigan -> RE: UnRemoved, unsorry, geez… (Oct. 14 2022 18:12:53)

Bill and I have been friends for several years, at least since we met for dinner one evening. I believe we share an outlook, but disagree on some subjects.

For example, Bill spent a career formulating and carrying out U.S. foreign policy, while I have been skeptical of much of it, due in part to youthful experience. But we manage to remain civil and respectful. I am interested in his point of view.

Another thing we share is attraction to the Foro due to the varied cultures of its participants. Aside from flamenco, it's the main thing that keeps me interested in it.

If I offend anyone by my views, I assure you it is not my intention. If you differ with my facts or opinions, please tell me about it.

Maybe due to a lifelong career as engineer and scientist, I am grateful for corrections, or for the opportunity to defend my point of view or experience.


Fluknu -> RE: UnRemoved, unsorry, geez… (Oct. 14 2022 22:18:34)

I didn't want to write on this thread again, but here I go.

Again, it's very simple: during the pandemic, we had a heated discussion (I couldn't find it in the history) and it ended sour. After that, there was like a quietness and I think everybody was buzzed. It took a while to find a normal speed again.

So when I read that discussion, I felt it realy could go in the same direction. And I was wondering if the foro could survive it. Hence my reaction.

For me this place is really important, specially for Flamenco. I'm really very alone in my love of this music and also the practice of the guitar. I have two teachers, but I have to pay. And one is spanish and only comes during summer. So here, I discover new names to listen to, I read all threads and even if I don't interact, i learn.
I mean there's not one soul around me with whom I can listen to some Flamenco and share the beauty of it. Voilä!

For politics, I know around where to talk about that. Plus, as Piwin said, when i talk about it, it has more of a european gravitation center, or even very local, meaning my town. I keep myself well informed of the politics of the US, as of course, and maybe sadly for European, that has an impact on us.

There are plenty of place for me to talk about politics/science/culture and so on...but for Flamenco... this is my ony space.

Now some time has passed, and I see my reaction as a bit too much.

If this place would close down, that would really be a blow for me. I think in some way it motivates me a lot to practice. And I think that this probably is the case for many people around the world even if they're silent or not even registered. That's why I said this place is kind of sacred and that we need to take care of it. It has been said that it was not caring, but controlling. That's just playing with words. Control/discipline self-regulation is everywhere. Yes, if you want to take care of something you have to exercise some kind of control. Taking care of one's health means some control. Taking care of others means also controlling some impulses and so on.

I get that you guys have been here for a long time and that you feel the need to discuss the situation in your country.

In the end, maybe I shouldn't have said anything, even if for myself I keep thinking these discussions are risky with such a setting.

So I hope this explains that. For me it's all good.


RobF -> RE: UnRemoved, unsorry, geez… (Oct. 14 2022 22:44:02)

Hi Fluknu,

I, for one, value your membership here and hope you have a long and fruitful association with both Flamenco and the Foro. Kind of following on Richard’s post, I only know Bill from the Foro but we’ve engaged enough that I know he is a true gentleman and I also know he doesn’t hold grudges. That’s not to say he won’t mount a formidable defence of any matter he feels strongly about. But I’ve never seen Bill abandon the principles of fair play and civility.

I sense the same characteristics in you, and all this, too, will blow over. Just as other participants in this thread have defended their right to voice their opinions, the same applies to you and you had every right to express your concerns, as well.

Peace. For me, too, it’s all good. The last thing I would want is for you to leave the Foro because of some stupid thread I created.


BarkellWH -> RE: UnRemoved, unsorry, geez… (Oct. 15 2022 2:19:33)


I appreciate how much the Foro means to you. It means a lot to all of us, and we treasure it as much as you and, like you, would hate to see it close down. I think I can assure you, however, that the Foro will not close down over a discussion such as that in this thread. I recall only one time in the recent past when there was some indication the Foro might close down, and that was due, not to an off-topic thread, but to a lengthy period when there was little activity, either in the flamenco categories or the off-topic category. Thankfully, things picked up. And we owe Simon a huge debt and thanks for keeping it going.

I want to assure you that my comments regarding your post up-thread were not directed at you personally. But I wanted to set the record straight, from my perspective, and correct what I perceived to be unwarranted claims in your post. You are certainly free to express your views on any topic, but I'm sure you understand that there may be opposing views expressed. Please do not take it personally. This does not only apply to off-topic subjects; it also applies to flamenco subjects as well. I don't know how many debates we have had regarding "traditional" flamenco vs. "modern" flamenco. And then there was the whole discussion over Rosalia. None of it should be taken personally.

I would like to express my appreciation for the kind words up-thread from Rob, Richard, and Stephen. They are old-timers on the Foro, and their comments and ideas mean a lot to me, as do those of many other Foro members. And I especially want to express my appreciation for the work of Simon in keeping the Foro running. The value of Simon's efforts is beyond measure.


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