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Ricardo -> RE: Shortage of Tonic Water (Dec. 24 2020 16:28:28)

I guess with gin whiskey etc, enough dose and you see “spirits” floating around, where as too much wine and you get a headache and “whine” about it later.

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Shortage of Tonic Water (Dec. 24 2020 22:56:06)

Couldn't find the a restaurant in Jerez of the English version of the "Whine List."


hamia -> RE: Shortage of Tonic Water (Dec. 27 2020 21:30:45)



...who apparently had run amok.


amok....nice word for a story about Malaysia. I recall Anthony Burgess explaining it in his autobiography Big Wilson and Little God - of course it's a common enough word in English but good to know its derivation.

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