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NewPlayer -> Album Recommendations (Oct. 11 2019 20:11:55)

I have a 2-hour daily commute to work and back, and have been looking for good solo flamenco guitar albums to listen to, however, I keep gravitating back to Paco's old stuff. I use youtube and Amazon Unlimited Music to explore different listening material, but have not had much luck.

The one other album that I can think of, is our own Ricardo M's solo album which was included in a guitar purchase I had made a couple of years ago. It's one of those albums that you can play entirely and not need to hit the SEEK button.

A few others that have caught my attention are from Paco Pena and Manolo Sanlucar.

Do you guys have any recommendations for pure flamenco guitar albums that are decently recorded? (meaning, not overly compressed, without synths, vocals, other instruments. Would love to get my hands on some old-school Carlos Montoya - Type stuff, but the recordings are not so great)

mrstwinkle -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 11 2019 20:54:04)

Not a purtist audiophile so hard to assess sound quality. In a car it tends to suck anyway due to background noise.

Havng said that, my suggestions.

David Carmona's Un sueño de locura and Manuel Valencia's Entre mis manos.

Paul Magnussen -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 11 2019 23:04:42)

That’s somewhat of a strange selection; but if you like the old-school stuff (relatively speaking), I’m surprised you didn’t mention Sabicas: masses of recordings available, both CD and MP3.

Here’s a discography I put together:

If you like really old-school, try this:

BarkellWH -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 12 2019 0:50:11)

Sabicas for sure. Go with Sabicas. I would rather listen to Sabicas than to Paco de Lucia's later stuff.


Piwin -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 12 2019 5:36:02)

+1 for Sabicas

NewPlayer -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 12 2019 19:53:22)

Thank you for the responses. I forgot to mention that I have got lots of Sabicas material and enjoy the fact that it is recorded very well or has been re-mastered.

Ricardo -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 15 2019 6:39:20)

Esteban de Sanlucar Mario Escudero Enrique Del Melchor “cuchichi”.
My favorite is Ramon montoya for old school stuff.

devilhand -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 19 2019 15:18:15)

Recently I've fallen love with this CD - a collection of different artists. Not solo guitar!!!

La Nueva Frontera del Cante de Jerez 2008

Here you can even listen to excerpts of each track.

I want to read opinions/comments of experienced guys from this forum about this CD.

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 19 2019 20:31:04)



Esteban de Sanlucar Mario Escudero Enrique Del Melchor “cuchichi”.
My favorite is Ramon montoya for old school stuff.

There's a story, which I can't verify, that says Don Ramon went to the leading classical guitarist of the day, Miguel Llobet, and asked whether Llobet thought he should learn to read music. Llobet thought it over for a while, and said, "No, I think you are fine as you are."

I read somewhere that no matter what genre he had chosen, Ramon Montoya would have been a great musician, and that Niño Ricardo had no choice but to become a great flamenco guitarist.


Auda -> RE: Album Recommendations (Oct. 19 2019 21:56:06)


I am a new member here but have had a nosy around the forum and have read a few of your posts and found your experiences quite entertaining. I would suggest you consider writing your flamenco memoirs for posterity. It would even be better if you could included photos of the period for us semi-literate folks.


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