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malin819 -> beginner seeking guidance (Apr. 18 2016 14:36:27)

Hello guys!!

Brief background. I played classical guitar for 2 years when I was in High School. Stopped playing for 10 years and now I recently started playing. Keep in mind I always played electric guitar during that period of time.

I always loved flamenco and decided to take the plunge. I bought my first flamenco guitar (Navarro Student) and I'd like to know if any of you guys have websites, books or any recommendation that could help a real beginner with Flamenco.

I wasn't able to find a teacher were I live :(

Paul Magnussen -> RE: beginner seeking guidance (Apr. 18 2016 15:16:50)

As you may imagine, this has already been discussed many times. I’ll add threads as I find them:

Piwin -> RE: beginner seeking guidance (Apr. 18 2016 15:59:30)

I think you've got loads of information in the threads Paul shared.
I'd add that if at all possible you may want to look into a few online classes (some of the people here teach online I think?) or an occasional class in another area if you happen to travel from time to time. Books are a great ressource but they won't give you the feedback you need, especially when beginning, on your technique and whatnot.

Leñador -> RE: beginner seeking guidance (Apr. 18 2016 17:18:14)

Sometimes teachers in the area are hiding, flamencos don't tend to have big advertising budgets lol.
What area are you in?
If not that, strongly recommend Skype lessons. Ricardo here on the forum gives them and he's monster player.

malin819 -> RE: beginner seeking guidance (Apr. 18 2016 19:17:45)

I'm in Ottawa Canada

Interesting about Ricardo :)

Cervantes -> RE: beginner seeking guidance (Apr. 18 2016 21:58:00)

I strongly believe the best option is learning from a teacher in person.
I would look harder or drive farther. I take a one hour lesson every two weeks. If you want books, my teacher uses Juan Martin books which are as good as anything else, but its just introductory material to play and doesn't teach you the details of technique. There a number of great teachers to choose from by using Skype. I don't think its best but it is convenient and you have a greater selection. Like you, I live in a large city (San Diego) and could only find one teacher here, luckily he is good.

Leñador -> RE: beginner seeking guidance (Apr. 18 2016 22:11:06)

You may want to try contacting some these dance teachers to see if they know a guitarist. Likely they'll know a few at least.

itoprover -> RE: beginner seeking guidance (Sep. 15 2016 17:47:59)

perhaps too late to respond but I am in Ottawa as well :)

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