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Mark2 -> Terceto Kali (Apr. 8 2016 16:30:42)

Listening to Jason McGuire's new cd. What a monster he is. I first saw him play maybe twenty years ago when he first came out to the bay area. I knew the first time I heard him play he was a special musician and I was determined to study with him to try to get some of whatever he had. I had been trained by an really old school player and I really didn't understand modern playing at that point and he helped show me some of the moves. My only problem was that his material required me to study more hours than I had available. But, I learned several of his falsetas and had dancers at that time ask several times "Who wrote that? That is beautiful." I still play some of the stuff he wrote, and it's still a challenge, and they still sound great. Stuff he wrote 2 decades ago that never made it on to his recordings-stuff he basically threw away that is better than anything I've ever managed to come up with. But I digress. Buy the cd and support this wonderful artist, who has shown that parity with Spanish players is possible, if only for a gifted few.

Leñador -> RE: Terceto Kali (Apr. 8 2016 16:46:14)

Poking around I can't seem to find where to purchase it......

Mark2 -> RE: Terceto Kali (Apr. 8 2016 16:50:09)

I'm not sure where it is available-maybe check his site?

Leñador -> RE: Terceto Kali (Apr. 8 2016 17:43:55)

I'll shoot him an email. I'm trying to give you money Jason!! [:D]

estebanana -> RE: Terceto Kali (Apr. 8 2016 18:12:19)

I told ya so.



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