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at_leo_87 -> RE: diy dance floors (Feb. 21 2011 16:47:31)

this is for mark. i forgot to add a picture of the finished underside.

there is one rubber strap missing and pluto and the hand sanitizer are there for weighing down on the rubber pads while the glue was drying.

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rogeliocan -> RE: diy dance floors (Apr. 29 2012 14:18:16)

Hi, so how did this floor turn out?
I think the greatest thing about this is how you don't have to go around with large sheets of wood on your roof.


at_leo_87 -> RE: diy dance floors (Apr. 29 2012 20:45:37)

the floor is still in business! it got so scruffed up that i had to spray paint it black though.

but otherwise, it's loud, durable, reliable, forgiving on the joints,... some of the dancers i work with won't dance without it.

if i need it to be even louder, i can even stick a boundary mic underneath.

rogeliocan -> RE: diy dance floors (Jan. 14 2013 16:51:02)

In this thread, it is suggested to finish the floor with 2 coats of urethane.
I am bit (ok, quite) confused between what is urethane, polyurethane and varnish with urethane.

What product am I looking for to put on this floor, 2 coats of what?


at_leo_87 -> RE: diy dance floors (Jan. 14 2013 20:38:20)

you have to use micro mesh. from 2400 progressively up to 12000. do a coat of hot tar, then cut back a little and go from 6000 to 12000.


just experiment. i mean, it's going to get stomped and demolished. does it really matter? just make sure it's not slippery.

la_ali_flamenco -> RE: diy dance floors (Jul. 1 2013 23:33:37)

These floor ideas are great! I can't wait to give it a shot. I think I might try putting velcro on 2x4s and the underside of the floor and then laying them across the width of the stage as a way of bracing them. This should also create an airpocket beneath for amplification and a "sprung floor" effect that is easy on the dancer's body.

Anyone have updated floor ideas or pictures?

LeƱador -> RE: diy dance floors (Jul. 2 2013 0:57:13)

I've been talking about doing something nice for my girlfriend for a while now [:D] Maybe I'll get started on that. Right now I've just got 2 sheets of birch ply sitting on the floor. I feel like 'cus I'm a carpenter/contractor it's gotta be amazing so the amount of work I want to put into it discourages me a little. [:D]

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