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From: Texas

M & A Picado vs Pick 

I've seen a lot of posts regarding I & A picados, but I have a a different problem- my I fingernail wears MUCH faster than any of the others. If I practice picado a lot a groove forms which catches on the string and then has to be filed down and eventually there's nothing left to file. I've been asked to join a Rhumba group (essentially a Gipsy Kings cover band) so I've been working on my scales/modes for improvising for solos. I just started to use M & A picados and it is slow-going. Concert season is just around the corner and I'm wondering if I'll develop enough speed this way or maybe I should make a go of it with a pick which would be completely new territory for me. My I & M picado was never really fast anyway. Anyone here try to use M & A picados or know of anyone who has with any success?
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RE: M & A Picado vs Pick (in reply to laughingstock

If your nails wear thin you can protect them. Ground up toro horn and bull sperm is one option. But if getting the bull sperm is too risky, acrylic powder and super glue can work too.


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RE: M & A Picado vs Pick (in reply to laughingstock

Well here is my answer and it's just my opinion. Picado is great for the sound obviously but I find it very limited for soloing (or not if youre paco). For gipsy kings and rumba stuff I think it's not a crime to play some lead lines with a pick. If it is your first time with a pick make sure to copy the gipsy jazz technique where your hand does not touch the guitar and you have the same position when playing pulgar / alzapua : you will have a much better sound (lowder and with some attach) which will be great for this kind of music. Plus you can play faster and have way more interested phrasing than with picado for less trouble. OR you can try to putt stuff on your naill glue, silk or whatever to protect them like dudnot is suggesting
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Posts: 35
Joined: Jun. 30 2016
From: Texas

RE: M & A Picado vs Pick (in reply to laughingstock

Thanks. I actually do put put fiberglass wraps with super-glue on which I think contributes to the problem by drying out my nails. My nails are paper thin and let's not make this another thread about how to strengthen one's nails as I've done just about everything. I'm genetically inferior in that respect. Maybe a pick would be the best option and I've been thinking about seeking out a good jazz player for lessons, but it just seems like a whole different world and it only mildly interests me. The idea of playing with other musicians is very enticing though because I play completely solo for dancers who use my solos as a chance to change dresses- so I don't even get palmas!!! It gets lonely up there on stage.
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RE: M & A Picado vs Pick (in reply to laughingstock

Well no shame in using a pick. I seriously doubt you are playing more gigs where your picado is needed more than what I have been doing. yes I might wear grooves in the nails too occoasionally, but glue and proper filing should prevent long term issue. (Once a small wear spot starts you need to file right away to prevent a groove from forming...longer you wait the more nail you lose to filing later). If you are using extra stuff on your nail (acrylic fiberglass etc) then remove it, that is why the nails get thin. Anyway, you say you play for dance and that is more the problem for your nails than picado I assure you.

When playing with a pick I don’t recommend the gypsy jazz way over normal wrist style alternate picking necessarily, whatever tech you have such that you can control your speed and rhythm and tone is ideal. Problem is holding pick in mouth or whatever when playing rhythm parts. I finally gave up using a pick for Rumba gigs after many years of working on my picado instead. In that sense I also disagree picado is inferior for improvisation...I feel much more confident with i-m at this point than I ever thought I would, and can do most of what I used do with the pick anyway, plus much more. I admit my phrasing is a little different too, but not in a bad way for sure.

Nuñez played a tune with Strunz and Farah, and instead of picados he makes almost the entire solo with pulgar and it’s super effective. I mix up my improvisations on rumba with pulgar phrases a good bit as well as i-m stuff. Something to think about.


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Posts: 35
Joined: Jun. 30 2016
From: Texas

RE: M & A Picado vs Pick (in reply to Ricardo

You can rest assured Ricardo that I don't play/practice nearly as much as you do- I'm simply an amateur, but honest to god my I nail wears with even light practice even if I'm not practicing picado very much. playing for dancers does not give me this problem. Sure I might break a nail by digging in to hard (I manage to avoid this by keeping my nails relatively short) but my nails don't wear. The last few weeks I've been practicing M&A picado exclusively and have not had any wear but the second I get my I involved a groove forms and just like you recommend I file it down but since I keep my nails short there's only so much I can file. I usually let my nails rest during the weekend to avoid the excessive wear on my I finger but it remains a problem. I've even changed my attack from the left side of the finger to a more dead on straight attack but it still wears down doing arps and tremelo.
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