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Sarkin -> FLV programs! (Nov. 26 2008 4:58:38)

Hello everybody!
I'm facing a problem:
Last week I had my concert and recorded it on my cam.
But it's way too large ( 551 MB) and I need some converting programs to FLV because I think they're much smaller.
I need to upload them so you can judge!

Georg -> RE: FLV programs! (Nov. 27 2008 0:58:26)

Do you mean you want to convert something like an mpeg file into a flv file? Or the other way round?

You would have to divide the video up into different parts with e.g. windows movie maker of nero express and then you could convert it with www.mediaconverter.org

If you just want to upload it at youtube, I think youtube itself converts it into that filetype.

val -> RE: FLV programs! (Nov. 27 2008 5:59:20)

This is a splendid, legit, free program
I've also bought V2F, which is quite cheap and very good if you want to upload stuff onto a website. The support service is helpful and respond quickly if you need any help. The only problem is actually navigating your way around all the advertising to find how to actually buy the thing.

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