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Malo -> Guitar question (Nov. 8 2008 9:57:07)

has the Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2AF the same qualtiy of sound as the current version of Hermanos Sanchis Carpio 2F05?


zavaletas -> RE: Guitar question (Nov. 15 2008 6:07:42)

The Ricardo Sanchis 2AF and the Hermanos Sanchis Lopez 2F05 are identical instruments. Ricardo Sanchis (the father) stopped making the 2AF under his label, to concentrate on the high-end handmade guitars, so assigned this model to his sons, and simply redesignated it as the 2F05.


Zavaleta's La Casa de Guitarras

Malo -> RE: Guitar question (Nov. 18 2008 9:53:59)

muchas gracias.


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