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JBASHORUN -> $4,000 Yamaha on eBay (NOT the CG171SF) (Apr. 20 2008 20:07:26)

Spotted this while surfing eBay recently:


It appears to be the top-end, hand-crafted, solid-woods Yamaha Flamenco guitar, as opposed to the laminated CG171SF.

He's stated that UK list price is about £2,000 ($4,000) which seems pretty steep for a Yamaha. But then, reviews of the cheapo Yamaha are generally good, so who knows what the top of the range model will play like?

Current price £1,200.


Ron.M -> RE: $4,000 Yamaha on eBay (NOT the CG171SF) (Apr. 20 2008 20:14:38)


I am sure you are aware this guitar is only built on receipt of a Customer Special Order.

Customer Specs:

" I need a Really Fantastic guitar! ...and a bit more if you can.."[:D]



up the robins -> RE: $4,000 Yamaha on eBay (NOT the CG171SF) (Apr. 20 2008 22:39:52)

got the peghead off UK ebay earlier tonight, interesting to see what it turns out like.

kovachian -> RE: $4,000 Yamaha on eBay (NOT the CG171SF) (Apr. 20 2008 23:35:32)

People actually pay that much for a Yamaha? When a company makes everything from motorcycles to jet skis to mixing boards to televisions, is that really the kind of company one should give $4000 to for a guitar? To justify that much of my coin, personally I'd prefer the maker focus solely on guitars.

n85ae -> RE: $4,000 Yamaha on eBay (NOT the CG171SF) (Apr. 21 2008 14:24:29)

Geez, if I'd know that I'd have charged Kovachian a WHOLE bunch more
for that Yamaha I sold him!!!


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