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zavaletas -> Zavaleta's MP3 gallery (Mar. 8 2008 15:04:09)

Like to hear a wide selection of classical and flamenco guitars? Our gallery offers mp3 of the guitars that have come through our hands-- antique guitars from 1761 to this year.

Samarto -> RE: Zavaleta's MP3 gallery (Mar. 21 2008 16:15:13)

Thanks Jim for posting this link. I was pleased to see that the 2004 Andres Dominguez I purchased from you was on the list and I could once again hear it played by a pro. I replaced the Fustero average grade tuners with a set of Fustero highest quality tuners with black rollers and black marbled key buttons. It really put an extra touch of class to this fine guitar. This guitar makes me sound almost good, but my playing doesn't do any credit to this incredible guitar. My avatar is the head of a negra guitar I made in 1974, not the Dominguez.
2004 Andres Dominquez sound

guitardode -> RE: Zavaleta's MP3 gallery (Mar. 23 2008 14:39:55)

Great sounds from these guitars its a good way to hear them if you cant see them at close quarters
ps does your 85% off prices off all guitars still on !!!!!?

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