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Jim Opfer -> Hermanos Conde Strings (Apr. 26 2004 11:14:08)

Anyone tried them?

gerundino63 -> RE: Hermanos Conde Strings (Apr. 26 2004 19:03:44)

Hi Jim!

I tried them, and sorry, did not like them too much.

In my oppinion, on my guitar a little too "Brillant"

I have tried both ones, the flamenco andd the classic ones.

greetings, Peter

tanolonco -> RE: Hermanos Conde Strings (Apr. 26 2004 20:44:32)

bow wow! dogs in my opinion.

Jim Opfer -> RE: Hermanos Conde Strings (Apr. 30 2004 8:57:55)

Hi Peter and Tanolonco'

Tried a pack of flamencos last night. Absolute dross! and expensive dross at that!

It's really dissipointing that a top Spanish maker, markets strings under their guitar label which are made in America and it all smacks of 'lets make some cash here boys'

I just can't find a better string than Savarez, Corum / Allience.


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