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pjl -> Gerundino hunting (Feb. 14 2008 21:50:05)

I have decided to put the word out in trying to track down a Gerundino that I parted with some wile back , the last that I heard of it was that it had been sold from the Barry Mason's Spanish guitar centre in London some ten years ago to an American who paid cash for it . I realize what a long shot it is but I would be interested to know where it ended up and say that if it is ever on the market again that I would love to have first refusal . it is an easy guitar to identify , rosewood with a back that is not glued on straight so that the seam at the back is not in alignment with the heel . any news on this guitar or any other Gerundinos that might be coming on the market can be emailed to my address ,
This really is a great site , PJL.

tk -> RE: Gerundino hunting (Feb. 15 2008 4:17:26)


You know that the "Year" really helps in narrowing down the guitar...

I have one now that is amzing, I haven't purchased it but if you like I can connect you to the right person.


pjl -> RE: Gerundino hunting (Feb. 15 2008 10:44:34)

I can't remember the year of the guitar that let go , I think that it was earlt 80s when I was in Almeria , I must check out old calenders to see when it was . Any connections would be much apreciated TK . My email is in the original posting . Thanks PJL.

pjl -> RE: Gerundino hunting (Feb. 15 2008 13:16:59)

I have checked out some old calenders and I think that it would be more likely to be 1985 pjl

zavaletas -> RE: Gerundino hunting (Mar. 8 2008 3:13:28)

There is one listed with me


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