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Guest -> Hermanos Conde (Apr. 19 2004 15:37:09)

I have an hermanos conde that i have been left. It is old but has no date, the label gives the address as calle Santiago Maganto, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid and it says Conde Hermanos- Constructores on it.

It seems fairly roughly made with a slightly short scale length and without the usual half moon headstock. It has been refinished with french polish. It is a blanca with slab cut cypress quite nicely figured.

can anyone shed any light on this guitar and whether it is a real conde all be it a student one or just a dirty fake.

Many thanks


gerundino63 -> RE: Hermanos Conde (Apr. 19 2004 17:22:01)

Pozuelo is a small town just outside of Madrid where the original Condes had their shop for making the less expensive models during the 50?s, until the earlie 80's. Most of these guitars were made by aprentices and had either a blue or green lable and were unsigned.

I have heared, the price nowadays for a good one is about 2000 dollar
but don't nail me on this one!

greetings, Peter

Guest -> RE: Hermanos Conde (Apr. 20 2004 14:17:49)

Hola Peter

I have a Conde from this taller, bought from Faustino in 1978. It cost 15.000ptas. This guitar could no value $2000, but people are silly.


francis -> RE: Hermanos Conde (Apr. 20 2004 19:29:47)

I have a chance to get a model 4 or 5 Conde from 1977 (i believe) in Ex. condition, does anybody know the value of either of these. The asking price is £1000 for model 4.


tanolonco -> RE: Hermanos Conde (Apr. 26 2004 20:42:30)

condes just below the half moon have a headstock similiar to a domingo esteso headstock. as to modelo 4/5 at least in 2004 the 4 i believe has the half moon with machines and the 5 is a step lower with pegs--but the guitar in question is pre 1988 and may not be a gravina 7 guitar. 1000 pounds--what does that equate to in american dollars? $1250 or thereabouts? if all is well with the guitar and it has your sound, i would say, jump at it.

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