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cigany -> Sabicas capo El Rey tab (Jan. 30 2008 6:08:27)

Why does the Faucher/Affedis El Rey Del Flamenco Sabicas transcription capo the songs "La Trinidad" and "Sentimento Gitano" at fret III? They sound in tune at II to me. Am I missing something?

Stu -> RE: Sabicas capo El Rey tab (Jan. 30 2008 7:10:31)

Not sure why, but if it sounds in tune at 2nd fret do that. maybe just an error or maybe that Sabicas played them with the capo at different frets on different recordings. eg. On the gerardo nunez dvd he plays his rondena with no capo but on the album he has it at fret one for the same tune. put it where ever you like I reckon!

ps. some people get upset or wont reply if ya don't introduce yourself before posting.
[&:][8|] I'm Stu, welcome to the foro

HemeolaMan -> RE: Sabicas capo El Rey tab (Jan. 30 2008 8:49:09)

maybe he had his guitar down a half step.

i would consider that one of those idiomatic things.

if it bothers you to have the capo at two, tune down a half step and capo at three.

problem solved!

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