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JBASHORUN -> PRINTERS- Any recommendations please? (Jan. 20 2008 1:40:35)

Hi folks,

I'm in the market for a new printer to go with my computer. I'm planning on printing out a variety of stuff, including typed material, graphics and photos. But I'm considering returning to artschool at some point, so the emphasis is on top-notch photos and graphics.

I did a little research, and came up with a Canon MP600R, which I liked because it also had a built in scanner and Wi-Fi capabilities. BUT... the image quality was a little grainy (for something "supposed" to be top-of-the-range) and the colors weren't true to the originals. so I returned the printer for a refund.

Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations or experience of products that might be suitable, please feel free to share them.

I'm ideally looking fo something under £200.

Gracias y saludos,


Jamey -> RE: PRINTERS- Any recommendations please? (Jan. 20 2008 3:06:31)

It depends upon your budget but HP makes pretty much the best printers for home use (I know an engineer at HP in their R&D division - they're doing crazy stuff with printers that we won't see for a few years yet).

A good low-mid range (cost wise) pinter would be the HP PhotoSmart series. I have Photosmart 2575 All-in-one that is connected to my wireless network (this printer has built-in networking). It's a printer, copier, scanner, has slots to read and write to all of the memory cards out there and a USB slot for memory sticks. It's got a nice little LCD display so you can sort through the photos you've scanned and has quick correction features if you want to adjust on the fly. It's nice that it's a LAN printer since my wife can use it too when she brings her laptop home as well.

Anyway, just my 2 cents, mileage may vary.


JBASHORUN -> [Deleted] (Jan. 20 2008 7:07:31)

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HemeolaMan -> RE: PRINTERS- Any recommendations please? (Jan. 20 2008 10:21:46)

to be honest the best home use printer would be the xerox phaser 7760.

color. laser. awesome.

i work at a printing shop. we have one, its nice.

price wise, buy color laser its going to be about 1million times clearer and better than any inkjet.

JBASHORUN -> [Deleted] (Jan. 20 2008 10:40:33)

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koella -> RE: PRINTERS- Any recommendations please? (Jan. 20 2008 10:56:01)

I purchased a black white laserprinter. I only have to print music.
Indeed the only thing I was interested in was what the toner cartridge costed and how many copies you could do with it.
The price of the printer itself seems less relevant.

I bought a HP printer.

HemeolaMan -> RE: PRINTERS- Any recommendations please? (Jan. 20 2008 11:27:11)

toner isnt that bad. you replace it FAR less often than ink cartridges.

we get many thousand pages form one toner cartridge.

the price pretty much comes out to be the same. also check out cartridge world. they refill toner and ink cartridges. for cheap.

laser is the way to go man. i mean, inkjet will tell you that they print super hght res with high dpi, but it just isnt true. the ink bleeds so the resolution decreases, plus with surface tension theres no way to get ink droplets to those dpi's

laser is the way to go. no smearing, no running, no drying. plus, when it comes out, its nice toasty warm!

val -> RE: PRINTERS- Any recommendations please? (Jan. 20 2008 11:45:43)


returning to artschool at some point

Have you considered something with an A3 printing capability? Probably over the top pricewise though.

I used to always buy HP printers at work for their reliability. At home I'm running a mid-end Lexmark inkjet at the moment and am very pleased with it.

It's great having printer/scanner/fax/ photo card slot all rolled into one machine so I'd definitely recommend going that route whatever brand/model you buy.

Go laser if you can - especially for your IMPORTANT photos and graphics. If the budget stretches, you could always buy an additional really cheap inkjet (using refilled cartridges) for correspondence, coursework etc.

JBASHORUN -> [Deleted] (Jan. 20 2008 12:22:15)

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HemeolaMan -> RE: PRINTERS- Any recommendations please? (Jan. 21 2008 13:15:01)

actually, at a print shop, they wont laser it.

they'd print it on a copier. which would be of higher quality than laser. the process is similar but different.

chiefly the charge corotron in a color copier (this is the wire screen that charges the page) is larger and works more efficiently, and faster.

im also pretty sure the fuser is hotter and the toner is a different mix. ther's also other things, but those are irrelevant lol.

just make sure you give yourself plenty of time, copiers and laser color changes with temp and humidity so be sure to have plenty of time to adjust colors before the final print =)

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