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jrabbani -> brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 16 2008 14:44:18)

has anyone seen this before? so dark and evil looking

i'm curious to how it sounds...[8|]

Arash -> RE: brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 17 2008 0:35:02)

I hate these white Golpeadors.[:'(]
They destroy all the beauty of a Guitar.
I mean does it make sence to use nice woods, work hours on building a nice guitar with it and then after it is finished, destroy everything with a white color 10 Dollar Golpeador??[&:]

Ailsa -> RE: brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 17 2008 0:53:12)


hate these white Golpeadors.

I agree Arash - it looks awful. And while obviously sound is most important, no reason why you can't have sound AND beauty.

Stu -> RE: brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 17 2008 1:50:51)

I agree too!!
Why would anyone do that??

The golpeador looks terrible! like some wierd 70's retro design.
otherwise its quite nice.

Anders Eliasson -> RE: brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 17 2008 3:50:48)

The white golpeador is normally because the guitar has damage on the soundboard. When you use a transparent golpeador over damage, you will not only see the damage but will also get some ugly airbubbles.

I think the whole guitar is ugly. Look at the heel cap and the headstock[:o] It doesnt look very atracctive to me. A typical "fantastic old" E-bay piece of s***

HemeolaMan -> RE: brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 17 2008 7:36:58)

i'm dubious as to the "brazillian" rosewood. most brazillian ive seeen is more purpley or at least not so cinnamon colored.

and the grain is really....erratic lol

i think its a dollar store ****bird guitar. the headstock is almost not even carved, the heel is.... gross. the rosette looks almost as cheap as a decal and same with the binding lol

Doitsujin -> RE: brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 17 2008 8:56:38)

God beware.

TANúñez -> RE: brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 17 2008 9:25:37)

You all clearly have no idea what your talking about. The guy auctioning this guitar specifically states that this is a "Master Guitar" and a "masterpiece"!

He also states this is something you cannot see every day and I have to agree. If I saw this everyday, I would hit my head on a brickwall hoping to knock some sense into my head to find the reason for bidding on this thing.

This is not just a guitar. It is a Perfecto Perez!

HemeolaMan -> RE: brazilian rosewood guitar (Jan. 17 2008 12:52:58)

i agree, just cuz its old makes it good. i mean everything that is old is better than new stuff.

i imagine perfecto perez probably had a better concept of guitar making than antonio torres. clearly a master here, a real flamenco classical master guitar

........because "flamenco classicals" are not a confused degenerate halfbreed lol.[:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

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