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jugman25 -> burguet 2f (Jan. 8 2008 7:58:41)

i m waiting ur comments about this one...

nodog -> RE: burguet 2f (Aug. 6 2022 15:48:53)

Hi i am also looking for info on the Amalio Burguet 2F thomann have it at the moment and i was also thinking about an Alhambra 8f. Is the Burguet the better choice. I have no experience to go on. regards

silddx -> RE: burguet 2f (Aug. 10 2022 17:37:29)

I played this more expensive Burquet Flamenca a couple of weeks ago and although it sounded good and was built nicely, I thought the action was a bit high (for me) and wasn't too keen on its feel. HOWEVER, bear in mind I'm a novice at flamenco, even though I have been playing guitar and bass for over 40 years. https://www.londonguitarstudio.com/p/burguet-flamenco-guitar-model-flamenca

To be honest, it felt and sounded similar to my Juan Montes Rodriquez 1a Soniquete that I picked up mint used on Reverb for a bit over £1100 including shipping and import duty etc. I preferred mine over the Burquet.

That said, my brilliant flamenco guitar tutor has a bunch of cheaper guitars (as well as a nice Conde) that are rather beat up and have really old strings on, and he sounds muy flamenco on all of them.

Schieper -> RE: burguet 2f (Aug. 13 2022 18:43:04)

I have the 2f negra and as that was not 100% my thing, I played also the 2f.

I realy wanted to like the 2f (same as the negra) as the build quality is realy (superb) nice. They are beautiful made instruments. But for some reason I just could not be satisfied by the sound. They are to harsh sounding for me. I mean, to me the trebles, are not nice and round and singing. They are scratchy.

On ,my negra, the bases are also slightly booming. I tried to alter to sadle but no great improvement came form that. So unfortunately, I did not enriched my home with the 2f an rarely play the 25 negra.

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