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Jon Boyes -> Ramirez F4 on ebay (Apr. 1 2004 11:55:46)

Any thoughts on this:


Ron, you play a Ramirez don't you?

Seller claims it has rosewood back and sides - huh?


Ron.M -> RE: Ramirez F4 on ebay (Apr. 1 2004 12:41:55)

I had a Ramirez Blanca with pegs which I sold as I found the sound over bright.
I have a Ramirez Student model which is not bad also a Bernal I got from Jim which is nice.
The guitars from all these top makers will all be made to a high standard, but whether the sound and feel will please you or not you can only really tell by trying them out.
Shopping for a guitar in the UK can be a very frustrating experience.



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