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eccullen -> siguiriyas (Dec. 7 2007 6:08:16)

I am looking into siguiriyas recordings.
...any favorites to recommend, anyone?

hassurbanipal -> RE: siguiriyas (Dec. 7 2007 9:31:06)

manuel torre
and again manuel torre

one of the greatest interpretors of siguiriyas that has ever walked this earth.

Tomás Jiménez -> [Deleted] (Dec. 7 2007 10:22:48)

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henrym3483 -> RE: siguiriyas (Dec. 7 2007 10:50:14)

anything by moraito and manuel aguejetas.that dvd documentary on aguejetas is amazing buy it.

NormanKliman -> RE: siguiriyas (Dec. 11 2007 5:41:04)


If you're looking for singing, you might find this interesting.

The samples are sung verse but they were taken from recordings with good guitar playing.

Melchor de Marchena was excellent at siguiriyas, although not too many people play like him today. Niño Ricardo, Manuel Morao, the Jero brothers, Manolo Sanlúcar accompanying singers in the 1970s (especially Manuel Agujetas), El Poeta accompanying Chocolate (hard-to-find recording), of course Sabicas... Pepa and Juan Habichuela, too.

Matic -> RE: siguiriyas (Dec. 11 2007 5:47:54)

Norman, thank you so much![:)]

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