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Ricardo -> RE: Golpeador removal (Oct. 18 2021 14:23:34)


ORIGINAL: constructordeguitarras

I'm surprised it needed to be replaced. I thought Condes were using the really thick golpeadores that would never wear out.

The other guy thinks you are asking him, but in case you meant my Conde, the plates were all the same thickness I have ever changed, conde cordoba etc, the same as the one Strings by Mail sells (.45mm). By my calculations the replacement plates wore at the same rate (the first Conde I have needed to change twice as it was my main gigging guitar before the pandemic, and now cordoba got the second plate too). The maple Sanchis I travel with will be next someday. Basically whichever guitars get played most need the change, it is a basic entropy law. And as stated earlier, same with machine heads (third tap plate means new machines are required).

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