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Georg -> Do you have compas? (Nov. 9 2007 0:49:23)

If not:

Click here

Sorry, I have to do some really boring work...

Stu -> RE: Do you have compas? (Nov. 9 2007 0:55:08)

Apology accepted.

John O. -> RE: Do you have compas? (Nov. 9 2007 11:33:14)

[:D] I'm almost too embarrassed to admit I laughed out loud at that

Doitsujin -> RE: Do you have compas? (Nov. 9 2007 23:42:13)


Well,... we all have some boring moments sometimes... Today I felt into sleep while a totally boring scientist from the netherlands had a talk... hmm.. Maybe you would find his talk funny.. hehe..[:D]

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