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Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 5 2007 2:16:59)

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Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 5 2007 2:40:29)

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TANúñez -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 5 2007 5:45:41)

So.....what happened? I'm guess it has something to do with a Chinese bike?Don't be mad, it works. It's just better with two people.

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Pimientito -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 5 2007 11:53:25)

You are obviously not using your bike properly...here's how it should be done....

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HemeolaMan -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 7 2007 8:11:06)

a little disappointed that your tirade wasnt a tirade. i was expecting a humoros and tangent populated rant. lol

Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 7 2007 9:49:03)

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HemeolaMan -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 8 2007 3:32:14)

pm it to me, i'm looking forward to reading a good rant. i'm in the mood for being angry about something, gimmie a cause! lol

Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 8 2007 4:13:23)

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HemeolaMan -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 8 2007 5:00:39)


thats true. however, most of the guitars they make are pretty crap ass. lol

Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 8 2007 5:13:15)

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HemeolaMan -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 8 2007 6:55:05)

i think that not only are we being sold out, we're getting sold for cheap.

this brings me back to the days of that america sucks thread lol. good times! i have a different perspective now

Ailsa -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 8 2007 8:39:25)

I had a turnaround about Chinese goods recently. I've visited China and read a lot about how it was and is to live there, especially in rural areas. The poverty is on an astonishing scale.

I had heard that western businesses setting up there at least provided a better standard of living. Yes, they were getting goods made on the cheap, but it was also a good deal for the people working in their factories - better accommodation, better wages. So people wanted to work in the factories despite the long hours, tedious work etc.

However last week I read another side - that they pay workers to lie about how good the conditions and pay are in order to recruit others. Then once the new workers are in the system they charge them almost all their salary for the accommodation, so they end up with little left.

In my naivety I was very disappointed. I mean, they could make a decent profit even if they paid them properly. They don't have to screw them to make an even bigger profit.

So I too am now thinking I ought to boycott not only Chinese goods, but the large corporation that this article was about (branches in US and UK!). But what difference does one little boycott make?

Seems like not only are we being screwed with poorly-made products, so are the Chinese.

Jan Willem -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 8 2007 9:15:28)


But what difference does one little boycott make?

Mmm, but if everyone thinks like that, things will never change..Honestly I think they just need some time. Workers will start unions etc...same evolution we have known in the past.

But indeed US decline has begon. Our "euro" is much stronger than the dollar. And that's very interesting for the oil-producing country's. If they sell to europe they get more for their goods. (lots more to say about this......)and as a european I must say I'm not particullary happy with that evolution for many reason....

But China/japan have ALWAYS been the nr. one economic area in the world until some 300 (+-) years ago, so I think they are trying to live up to their ancient "standards". If it happens, it happens but I hope without exploiting the workers.

And off course they make crappy guitars......damn them, BAH!:-)


Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 8 2007 16:07:55)

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Estevan -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 8 2007 19:13:19)

Kevin - maybe your bike was made by prison labor, they may not have had their heart in it.

Ailsa - good points; it's complicated, and all very nasty. This is worth reading:

Corporations Working Hard to Keep Chinese Slave Labor


I can't complain about my Yamaha made in Taiwan which cost me 350$.
Lionel, we're not talking about Taiwan, which is not yet part of the Chinese Empire. Certainly it has its problems, but nowhere near as bad as the PRC. The fact that Yamaha has pulled its factory out of Taiwan and moved production to cheaper places tells you something. [&:]

And while we're in the area, I'm reminded of this protest at the Great Wall earlier this year (which I'll add just to help wind up Kevin a bit more):

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JBASHORUN -> [Deleted] (Nov. 8 2007 21:51:55)

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Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 9 2007 0:43:57)

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Estevan -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 9 2007 1:02:25)


I am aware of that, I was just referring to Asia-related products.

Sorry, I didn't mean to be pesado. Of course there are degrees of these things but, yes, it all comes down to cheap labor.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 9 2007 4:10:49)

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Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 9 2007 4:12:24)

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a_arnold -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 9 2007 5:06:57)

I bought one of those extremely ornate ebay mother-of-pearl classicals made in Taiwan for about $250. Just enter "MOP" and "guitar" under musical instruments. There are 3 or 4 factories. Worst sounding guitar I ever played -- absolutely the worst, plus it weighed a ton. It sounded and felt like it was filled with cement, but I think it was just heavily coated with polyurethane varnish. Or maybe it was contaminated with enough lead to make it heavy.

But it looked great. MOP work was very impressive.

I sold it here for $300 -- to someone who actually played it before buying, which I would not have done if I had played it first. The buyer thought he had gotten a steal. Each to his own. I have to admit, it did look very much like a guitar.

But Taiwan is the Other China.


WASHINGTON - About 175,000 Curious George Plush Dolls were recalled Thursday, becoming the latest popular toy made in China found to be contaminated with dangerous levels of lead.

Hmm. We have our own George here. He's not at all curious, but he is definitely dangerous, contaminated, and in need of recall.

Well... the subject IS tirades...

prd1 -> RE: TIRADE (Nov. 9 2007 9:27:00)

As a temporary solution until the lead contamination is sorted out, why don't you guys just stop chewing your dolls?

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