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frhout -> Francisco Bros (Oct. 31 2007 11:52:32)

I just bought from El Flamenco Vive in Madrid a Francisco Bros modelo B20F in sicomoro, a basic flamenco guitar for a friend for 299.95 euros, with a hard nylon case for an extra 40 euros. It is indeed a decent sounding guitar, with a dry flamenco tone, quite easy to play. This may interest somebody who has limited budget.

bernd -> RE: Francisco Bros (Oct. 31 2007 12:23:03)

At the int. Frankfurt Music Show I checked all of his guitars for some years, because I was looking for new business dealing in guitars and finding a new source to offer also some better guitars to my students. Lots of presented guitars of this company had cracks, overlaying frets, were slampy set up or even didn´t sound clearly that some tones dissolved (in German we call it wolf tones). Bros can´t make flamencas. They just have percussion but the rest e. g. action E6 at bridge and tone substance is totally out if discussion. If your individual guitar really sounds like you describe it, then Francisco Bros Company has learned alot or you just have had a lot of luck. Or maybe it was constructed in China [:D]

In my adjudgement these so called flamencas belong to end up on the crapheap.


frhout -> RE: Francisco Bros (Oct. 31 2007 14:32:43)

Thanks for your opinion. I'll check it out more closely. As my friend could only afford at this price range i.e. 300 euros, there is either a Compass at Flamenco-World or this one at Flamenco Vive. I did have a look in the inside with a torch, the wood is quite basic as well as the binding. But the neck is straight and I can press it properly through the range.

koella -> RE: Francisco Bros (Oct. 31 2007 14:52:30)

You can contact Bros and order directly from him.
I have his email if your interested.

frhout -> RE: Francisco Bros (Nov. 1 2007 19:30:36)

Thanks for the offer. I have had a closer look at the guitar, there is indeed a slight chip of the keyboard wood round the sound hole - a little crack of the wood on the very last fret that is not important as we don't normally play on that fret. Anyway, I think my friend would still be happy as I brought it specially for her from Madrid. She could have bought an Esteve classical over here plus something extra for the golpeador.

LeTeutonOnGuitar -> RE: Francisco Bros (Aug. 14 2022 15:38:06)

At Christmas 2020 I purchased A Francisco Bros. Soleá Especial 2020 and since I am very pleased with this guitar as if fits well for different styles (Flamenco, Pop, classical, Bossa Nova) and is much easier to play than my cheap China guitar Mundo Flamenco 3F/Cordoba F7.
The only thing you have to pay attention with is it's sensitivity to temperature and humidity as it should be played at 21-25° C and in a humidity range of 48-55%.
My Soleá Especial has a cristal clear sound even with different string combinations.
Please find below some videos:

If you are looking for a good massive Blanca made in Spain,I highly recommend this guitar.

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