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John O. -> Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 23 2007 22:54:09)

Damn, guys, had a great time. I woke up at 4:45 to fly over to London for the workshop from 11-4 and flew back the same day and am now back just before midnight.

It was worth it! He's a great teacher. Worked with everybody personally and all the tips he gave to everyone, no matter which level, were all things that helped me too. A really nice guy as well. I'm going to talk to someone I know in my area who organizes flamenco workshops every Summer. If Jerónimo will fly out to London he'd be sure to come to Mainz which is even closer...

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Conrad -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 24 2007 6:21:52)

Awesome story, John. How can you not love a face like that!? [:)] Thanks! I might travel to Berlin next year, so I'll have to keep on top of your idea for Mainz.

duende -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 24 2007 6:37:16)

wwoo it might been worth it dude[:)] i wish i had a little "buffer" of cash to spend on things like these. London is very cheap from here.

Ron.M -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 24 2007 9:06:24)

Looks great John!
I think as well as gaining tips etc, these sort of things give you a bonus of a real injection of enthusiasm and positive thinking which lasts for ages.



John O. -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 24 2007 9:52:51)

That's exactly it, Ron. The most important thing wasn't the new falseta but the inspiration from seeing him play and listening to his thoughts on playing, feeling compás ect., gave me a whole new insight.

henrym3483 -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 24 2007 10:11:25)

dude, i so would have gone, only for the fact ive got friggin uni to do[8|]

Doitsujin -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 24 2007 21:20:42)

Do you have some video?[:-]

Guest -> [Deleted] (Sep. 24 2007 21:51:28)

[Deleted by Admins]

John O. -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 24 2007 22:08:18)

No video I'm afraid, but I have some audio of a granaína/bulería he played at the end. The quality wouldn't do him justice, though.

Yeah, heavy heavy heavy attack. I love that aggressive sound of his. I've been working on some of his bulerías, especially the rasgueados and some of the slower melodies. A real challenge to internalize and get in compás but a lot of fun.

John O. -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 25 2007 13:16:10)

By the way, where's Jenny whom I met at the course who comes by here every once and a while but rarely never posts? Show yourself! [:)]

It was nice meeting you! Hope to see you again sometime.

Jenny -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 25 2007 21:51:35)


I know, I know, I'm a bit lurkerish but I've been busy. Great photo of you two though - wish I'd got one of me with him but I was a bit too overawed to ask... He's an amazing player and I can't believe I hadn't heard of him until the workshop. Wish I'd done something a bit simpler than bulería, that I could have actually played, though.

It was great to meet you too! And good to hear about this workshop week in Spain in ?July? - will start saving now for it... especially if Moraíto might just be passing...


John O. -> RE: Jerónimos workshop in London (Sep. 25 2007 22:15:27)

Here's the website

Still 10 months away so nothing for '08 set up yet.

I actually was thinking I should have done bulerías but I hadn't really prepared anything I especially wanted to work on, sort of got caught off guard - was kind of silly to show him something I could already play [&:]

I was majorly in awe. I was amazed at his humbleness and how nice and down to earth he was too though. Very cool guy. Apperantly he gives private lessons in Madrid too (website), something for me to check-out when I have a bit of money saved...

Keep in touch, and post more!


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