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Matic -> Yamandu Costa ... watch this (Aug. 28 2007 22:01:37)

Something virtuoso from Brasil.
Looks like he masters his instrument. Very fun to watch and listen.

Another one:

Ailsa -> RE: Yamandu Costa ... watch this (Aug. 28 2007 22:32:57)

So six strings not enough for this guy [;)] Someone tell me how's that work? What's the tuning?

He's certainly a master of all the strings he has, but he's not the prettyist guy is he? I mean not that looks matter, honest. [;)][:D]

Matic -> RE: Yamandu Costa ... watch this (Aug. 28 2007 22:44:36)

Tuning is C-E-A-D-G-B-e or sometimes D instead of low C.
This musical style is brazilian 'choro' if I'm not wrong.

Hm...c'mon isn't he cute? He makes me smile, he looks so ... honest!

Moloko -> RE: Yamandu Costa ... watch this (Oct. 14 2015 15:18:57)

Hey, the 7-string guitar in Brasil is an instrument used in various musical genres, such as Choro (mostly), Samba, Bossa Nova, etc. The 7-string guitar tuning, in general, is the same as the classical guitar, the lowest string is usually tuned B or C (in choro C being the most widely used)

Bulerias2005 -> RE: Yamandu Costa ... watch this (Oct. 14 2015 20:29:27)

Yamandu is awesome. I got to jam with him for an evening when he was in the Twin Cities... super fun. The guy can harmonize on the spot like no other!

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