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Ailsa -> Fab things on my visit to Andalucia (Aug. 12 2007 11:39:00)

Listen guys this could be a very long post, cos there were so many! I'll try to keep it short, but if you are not interested, look away now [;)]

1. Stayed with Simon (Escribano) in Restabal. Met the delicious Carrott (bad joke [:D][:D]) and big dog River. I had a quick play of Simon's Anders - so light, so beautiful. I am not worthy! No really I'm not, but I loved it anyway.

Thank you so much for your hospitality Simon [sm=kiss.gif] Piccy of Simon, River and me below.

2. Met Kate and Harold in Granada. Great people, very welcoming, very knowledgeable about flamenco. Went to Eshavira to see Emilio Maya's group play. Wowwwww!! One of the best things we have ever heard. Had to buy the CD and we're first on the list for the new one when it comes out. Emilio wrote, 'mona, un beso' on my copy [:)] Also met one of the Carmona primos, who was playing cajon that night. That was just one of the best evenings!

3. Felt more at home than ever at our apartment near Almeria, was really hard to leave last night.

4. Went to a tablao on the coast. Why? you are going to ask. Well because I had never been to one and wanted to see what it was like. The standard of dance and playing was higher than many groups I've seen here. But what was so impressive was their professional attitude. There were more people on the stage than in the audience. You can well imagine some artists would give a don't care performance. These guys no - they took it really seriously and worked hard. It was great.

5. Went to concert at Castillo de San Felipe de los Escullos in the Cabo de Gata. Jazz fusion thing - not everyone's cuppa though we had to admire the sheer quality of the musicianship. Wonderful setting - open air, restored castle on the coast.

OK guys, gonna stop now, my enthusiasm could make me just go on and on and.........[&:][&:]

Hey we gotta get this Forum get together organised for next year!! Let's do it.


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Stu -> RE: Fab things on my visit to Andalucia (Aug. 12 2007 12:17:05)

This sounds great!!!
I'm very jealous


Escribano -> RE: Fab things on my visit to Andalucia (Aug. 12 2007 14:36:09)

You're welcome Ailsa. Glad to hear you had a good time.

duende -> RE: Fab things on my visit to Andalucia (Aug. 12 2007 14:51:40)

wow cool. sound lika a great time

JDiaz -> RE: Fab things on my visit to Andalucia (Aug. 13 2007 0:51:46)

very cool!

Kate -> RE: Fab things on my visit to Andalucia (Aug. 20 2007 16:25:27)

Just caught this post after being away from the computer for a week. It was great to meet you as well Ailsa and yeah it was a fab night at the Eshavira.

Really nice photo of you Simon and River.

Glad you had a wild time [:)]


Raimundo -> RE: Fab things on my visit to Andalucia (Aug. 25 2007 20:19:46)

WOOOOOW you really had good good time in a beautiful place. Glad to hear That.
I'm gona plan for same trip [;)]

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