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Grissom90 -> Mi Corazon Hace Tic Tac (Aug. 10 2007 22:08:15)

PLEEEEEEASE someone have this song or kno where i can find it in tab form, chords will do also lol, i heard this song a few days ago and havnt been able to stop listening to it since, it puts me right in the holiday mood. I cant even find the lyrics on the internet :(. Trouble is, i dont kno who sings it, all i hav is the composers, W. Gerhard and L. Gonzales. PLEASE someone help :P. Thanks in advance :D

Lyics go..

Mi corazon hace tic tac, cuando me miras
Si mi vuelve (sa?) mirar mi al mas suspira

something like, im good at spanish, but cant tel what people are singing :( lol.

Please help!

Thanks :)

mediocre -> RE: Mi Corazon Hace Tic Tac (Aug. 11 2007 0:11:26)

Hehe, you almost got it!!! I don't know what's this song or whose is it, but the lyrics must be

Mi corazón hace tic tac cuando me miras
Si me vuelves a mirar mi alma suspira.

Did i help you??? [:D]

Good luck

Grissom90 -> RE: Mi Corazon Hace Tic Tac (Aug. 11 2007 10:46:28)

Ah yes, i see now how it cant be 'sa', as its not even a word lol [8D], but has to be 'vuelves a mirar', as mirar, to look, is in the infinitive form. Woo Spanish classes in school really do stick in your mind [:)], but y the 'a' before 'mirar'? [&:], i cant remember that lol. Thanks anyway [:D]

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