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Stu -> Ojos De Brujo (Aug. 8 2007 12:34:38)

Hey folks,
Did anyone on the foro go to the Big Chill Festival in Gloucestershire England.
Whilst reading through the programme on sunday afternoon I spotted the word "Flamenco" under the band description for Ojos de Brujo. I checked them out and they were pretty good. A long way from puro but enjoyable none the less.

Anyone see this gig or know of these guys??


JDiaz -> RE: Ojos De Brujo (Aug. 8 2007 15:02:19)

Ya, they're from Barcelona. They're fusion flamenco, i really like their music!

JBASHORUN -> RE: Ojos De Brujo (Aug. 8 2007 16:58:11)

Yeah, i have a few of their albums. Not bad, but not really flamenco, imo.

Estevan -> RE: Ojos De Brujo (Aug. 8 2007 23:31:01)

Yes, they're fusion and they do it extremely well. They have two flamenco guitarists and a flamenco singer in the band and various other people as well as interesting guest artists.
It started from a basis of flamenco and rumba catalana mixed with stuff that I don't usually like such as scratch and hip-hop, but they integrate it so well that they've put these elements in a much better musical light for me. They are also big fans of bhangra and you can hear this worked in to some of their latest album. It's all done at a very high level of musicianship and the arrangements are often quite brilliant.

If you go to this page, click on Radio Diquela and listen to track 13, 'Respira', you'll see what I mean - you never heard a martinete/siguiriyas like this before! Love it or hate it, it's clever stuff.

Stu, you might also want to hear the following track 'Nana' as you were asking about nanas recently. There's a nice intro played by Pepe Habichuela, then the song itself is given a very middle-eastern treatment.


Stu -> RE: Ojos De Brujo (Aug. 9 2007 11:09:36)

Nice one thanks Estevan.

Good info about Ojos de Brujo. I must admit it was one of the highlights of the festival. particularly when they brought out a dancer who danced a great bulerias and had a kind of dance offf with the mc guy where he was doing some kind of Spanish scat and she was responding with some crazy footwork. a real crowd pleaser. Ill check out that nana later when I get home.


hcania -> RE: Ojos De Brujo (Aug. 11 2007 15:03:21)

ojos de brujos, once I found a track Tiempo de soleĆ”
which I really loved, as is mix of styles which I like: flamenco and electronic bits
I wouldn't expect but those two are actually go well [:)]

I 've checked rest of their job and was a bit disapointed

hcania -> RE: Ojos De Brujo (Aug. 11 2007 15:05:31)

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