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Ramón -> Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 22 2007 19:12:02)

Hola all....

My neighbor got this NICE little rest up in Canada at a store. No name, like the 'Gitano' rest - but much better.

Anyone seen it somewhere? Know the brand/maker? I want to pick one up...

Gracias (and yes, I know it goes on THE SIDE!)

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Ramón -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 22 2007 22:25:32)

No one???

mkhn -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 23 2007 23:48:11)

I'd like to know also. I saw that Paco Pena had used something similiar at a concert I attended a couple of months ago.

Stu -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 24 2007 12:13:31)

Hey Ramon,
Maybe a stupid question, but why don't you just ask your neighbour?

Ramón -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 24 2007 14:52:35)

He just said; "Some little store up in Vancouver" was all he remembered.... Said he was walking down some street, saw some classical guitars, and walked in...

He has no clue where he was, store name, paid cash, no receipt, and nothing is marked on the unit.

THAT is why I'm posting.

Ramin -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 24 2007 15:09:48)


The name is Gitano Guitar Support. I think it is a German
product, at least originally it was! I first bought it from
Germany about 8 years ago. Now, you can get it everywhere.
Try Guitar Salon International.
Here is the link:


Ramón -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 25 2007 4:36:41)

Nope. It's NOT a Gitano.....

But I did get the scoop. A friend's friend is MAKING them, and they will be on the market soon, but he's making a couple improvements first.

I don't know about 'improvements', as it's works great right now, so I'm gonna' grab a few to sell. [8D]

Ramin -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 25 2007 14:55:40)

Ok Ramon,

It is a knock off of Gitano. I'm sure it is much cheaper
than the original, if it is being made in China, just like
anything else!
I used to use them for a couple of years before my
instructor suggested I got rid of it. I did it eventually,
but with a lot of difficulty. I find the angle it imposes on
the guitar does not allow "good enough" pulgar or ras.
However, I saw Paco Pena sporting one on his guitar in
his Toronto concert.


mkhn -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 25 2007 16:03:00)

When Paco Pena used his, he propped the lower bout of the guitar on his right leg vs. the left leg where, for example, the Gitano is shown as on the Guitar Salon link. I have my guitar sitting in the flamenco "traditional" position with the lower bout sitting on the right thigh so that guitar rest that Paco uses would be something I'd like to try as well.


Let us know when you have those ready.


Ramin -> RE: Flamenco Guitar Rest (Jul. 25 2007 16:07:45)


That's exactly how I used it, on my right lap!
But that still did not help. But as you correctly
pointed out, it is good for traditional guitar


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