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Ramirez -> Flamenco in Oxford (Jun. 28 2007 16:19:14)

Hello all!

Am moving to Oxford next week and wondered if anyone is aware of any Penas, teachers, dance classes, other guitarists etc. in the area.

I've been starved of a flamenco community for too long and want to get involved if there is one...

Thanks in advance.

Ron.M -> RE: Flamenco in Oxford (Jun. 28 2007 16:59:59)

Try www.flamencoguitarist.co.uk

Rafael is based in Oxford.



Jenny -> RE: Flamenco in Oxford (Jun. 29 2007 22:12:19)

Hi Ramirez,

I am in Oxford too, and Rafael is my teacher - he's very good. We've got a summer school coming up, for a week at the beginning of August, so that would be a good way to meet some other flamenco guitarists here. Rafael's got a myspace page too, at http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=157307799.

It will be good to meet you - hasta pronto!


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