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Patrick -> Welcome new members! (Feb. 11 2004 18:48:40)

I don't know if anybody noticed, but we have over 100 worldwide members! Let me take this opportunity to welcome all of you and point out a couple of new members in particular.

I was in the Members List section a day or so ago and noticed we now have two world-class luthiers amongst our midst. Mr. Aaron Green and C. (Charles) Vega have joined our little group.

Aaron is building a very enviable reputation. Dennis Koster and Eliot Fisk play his guitars. If you have bought a set of La Bella Professional Series 2001 strings, you have seen one of his guitars on the front of the package.

Mr. Vega just recently had an article published in Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Again, welcome to both of you and all the new members. It’s a nice place to hang out.


Jim Opfer -> RE: Welcome new members! (Feb. 14 2004 18:30:05)

Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't know.
Various discussions going at the moment about guitars and it would be great to get some professional comment.

Florian -> RE: Welcome new members! (Feb. 17 2004 5:16:33)

Hi to all the new memebers ! welcome i have some questions but i think i better wait till i get home and use a digital camera which will make it easyer to explain.

mibe just one quic question ....

I have changed the size of my bridge , can that messup the tone ? what is there a standard size that there should be between the strings and the boddy of the guitar or is that different for different guitars ?

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