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Per Hallgren -> Flamencoradio.ca (Jun. 14 2007 9:08:32)

I like to listen to flamenco on the internet while I'm working and my favourite station this far is Flamenco Radio, www.flamenco.ca, but recently I have had problems tuning in to that station. I am not very knowledgeable about computers but understand that it most probably is something in my computer settings that has changed without me kn owing it. It works works with Tim's Radio and Batanga.com so it canĀ“t have anything to do with the flamenco.

Any advices?

Estevan -> RE: Flamencoradio.ca (Jun. 14 2007 20:55:47)

Hej Per,

One thing I know about this station is that it only works with Internet Explorer, which is a stupid limitation.
There's also some (not too) technical information on their FAQ page which might give you some clues.


Per Hallgren -> RE: Flamencoradio.ca (Jun. 15 2007 18:55:04)

Thanks for your concern. I've tried all that is within my reach, computerwise, and it is very frustrating to not being able to fix it. I'm sure it is about my settings in my own computer but I can't find out what.

I think that it is a big difference between Flamencoradio.ca and Batanga for example. The Gipsy Kings frequency is about 4/hour at Batanga...and my heart booms as if I'v had too much coffee with too much rumba...[:D]

Estevan -> RE: Flamencoradio.ca (Jun. 15 2007 20:22:40)

Oh man, now I'm worried about your health![&:]

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