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osangar -> oud music (Jun. 2 2007 17:20:47)

I just found a lovely oud piece that had a definitely spanish flavour to it! hope you all enjoy it as much as I have. He is in my books a truly incredible player.

also another more arabic flavour from the same player

Ron.M -> RE: oud music (Jun. 2 2007 20:32:25)

I don't understand the Tradition of Oud music...so I'm just basically a culture vulture here, but I really liked the second link a lot!
Great sound.



duende -> RE: oud music (Jun. 2 2007 20:52:11)

i enjoy and are inspired by oud music a lot. however i do not have an understanding of the rythmicla structure of their rythms.

jrabbani -> RE: oud music (Jun. 3 2007 17:52:22)

this is also interesting:

hassurbanipal -> RE: oud music (Jun. 4 2007 14:32:50)


duende, if you want to learn more, here is a good start with a lot of explanation about scales, tuning and rytmic structure. But be warned, if you thought flamenco was difficult..........:))



XXX -> RE: oud music (Jun. 8 2007 21:25:46)

For me, Asturias on a Oud works so NOT! There are so nice pieces for the Oud, or "intros" (Taksim) in Tarantas style. You dont have to copy western harmonies and pieces.

The bad thing is only that the Oud is regarded still as accompany instrument, which just repeats the melody sung by the singer. Like in flamenco the guitar.

This is just something i found quickly. I guess there is better things and with better audio qualitiy (here 16 kbps!) but i think the difference is obvious:

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