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Stu -> Pictures and Avatars. (May 22 2007 11:07:07)

I've finally got round to uploading a picture for my profile, but every pic i try is apparently to large!
Even if i resize the image to the required size it still says its too large. (its getting quite annoying.) I experimented with one pic by making it really small and this time it said error loading file. Argghhh!

So I've just gone for one of the preset avatars.

If anyone is using this one already, noise me up and ill try ang change it.

Any help with pic uploading would be greatly appreciated!!


Matic -> RE: Pictures and Avatars. (May 22 2007 14:19:14)

Try changing a pic format into .gif

JBASHORUN -> RE: Pictures and Avatars. (May 22 2007 16:28:06)


Try changing a pic format into .gif

Yes, thats worth a shot. And remember that the picture has be within the maximum file size (both MB and pixels). I had similar problems, but I kept trying and eventually it worked for me. Admin seems reluctant to help with such trivial issues, so you're best off repeating the process until it finally works...


Stu -> RE: Pictures and Avatars. (May 24 2007 13:49:37)

yeah i tried the .gif thing.
Jbash, maybe Ive been resizing the pixels but file size is still to big, I'll keep trying.

Jbash, did you go to the pena in hackney on the 12th? I couldnt go in the end as i had early flight to amsterdam. I'll try to get to the next one.


Stu -> RE: Pictures and Avatars. (May 29 2007 20:16:29)

Hazaaaar! I did it!!
file size was to big.
what a fool to miss that!!

Thanks to those who offered help.


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