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M.S.A. -> [Deleted] (Aug. 9 2009 15:18:48)

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jlneng -> RE: Juan Serrano tabs (Aug. 10 2009 19:04:03)

Most if not all of Maestro Serrano's songs are available on published songbookgs by Mel Bay. I would recommend the following:

King of the Flamenco Guitar; Great Solea por Bulerias, my all time favorite, also a great Zambra;Fantasy

Flamenco Concert Selections

Systematic studies for flamenco

I recommend this stuff because I have never found much accurate Serrano Tab on the Inet..... Hope this helps as his books are quite affordable.

jlneng -> RE: Juan Serrano tabs (Aug. 10 2009 19:18:51)

I am very sorry to hear the rampant dislike of Juan Serrano in this forum. A person may not like what he had to say musically but to attack his technique and dedication to the art is fundamentally wrong. Serrano has done more for the art of flamenco than anyone else in recent times. The amount of material published with his name on it is staggering. The price of his books are paltry. Anyone can afford them. The list of players that he has mentored is very long. The amount of music he has recorded is quite expansive as well. I would love to hear any of his detractors play flamenco when they are 70 years old, let alone play it as well as him when they are half his age. I have never met Maestro Serrano but I would put him at the very top of my top ten list. Sorry if I am verbose............

XXX -> RE: Juan Serrano tabs (Aug. 11 2009 2:38:55)


ORIGINAL: romerito

His mother was Portuguese. Hence the title of his album LUZIA as oppose the the spanishized version he uses as part of his name, Lucia.

Thats great info!

johnguitars -> RE: Juan Serrano tabs (Aug. 11 2009 10:50:22)

jlneng, I agree with you. I prefer listening to Sabicas or Raphael Riqueni than Serrano but technically he is as good.

jlneng -> RE: Juan Serrano tabs (Aug. 11 2009 13:16:39)

I did not mean to be defensive, and did not wish to offend but the duende was flowing....

Guest -> [Deleted] (Aug. 11 2009 13:35:54)

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M.S.A. -> [Deleted] (Aug. 11 2009 13:56:53)

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jlneng -> RE: Juan Serrano tabs (Aug. 12 2009 17:18:15)

here is part of a solea por bul I tabbed

Stoney -> RE: Juan Serrano tabs (Nov. 6 2009 8:17:06)

I couldn't agree more. As a matter of fact I just posted the exact same opinion on another Flamenco forum just yesterday.

Actually "Crap" may be a compliment.


Paul Magnussen -> RE: Juan Serrano tabs (Nov. 15 2010 18:35:35)

Let's get things in perspective here: Juan Serrano and Moraíto Chico were considered the two hottest young players in Spain in the 1950's. Juan was constantly in demand and played for La Niña de los Peines, Pepe Pinto, Fosforito and just about everyone else. The clock in the Town Hall of his home town of Córdoba still strikes with his soleares.

It was Juan, with Sabicas, Mario Escudero, Carlos Montoya, who in the 1960's raised Flamenco to unprecedented popularity in the US.

He's also one of the kindest and most helpful people I've met.

So you may not like his playing, but he serves a bit of respect!

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