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tk -> Action at 12th fret - to guitar builders (Apr. 10 2007 16:47:20)

To Anders and Stephen,

I decided to measure the action at the 12th fret on my guitars (1st string from the top).

Interestingly enough, the results were around 3.4mm to 4mm. Now, I have heard that the action could be as low as 2.5mm to 3mm. Is this really possible since even with 3.5mm I hear a little buzzing which is perfect to me but what happens if it is 2.5mm?

I know it has to do with personal taste but could it be that people are not measuring it precissely as I am or they are measuring from the top of the fret (the metal) instead of the would fret (between the metals). I hope I was able to explain it [8|]


stephen hill -> RE: Action at 12th fret - to guitar builders (Apr. 10 2007 16:54:51)

Hola TK

I set my flamencos at 3.2mm at the 12th on the 6th string and 2.4mm on the 1st. Sometimes lower sometimes higher depending on the client. (normally lower!)
This gives me a good punch to the sound with lyrical trebles but for more rasping/trasteo go lower. This is the airspace between the metal of the fret and the underneath of the string.

Once was in Manuel Reyes's shop and this player came in having set the action low maybe 2.8 on the bass and 2mm on the treble. He was NOT happy and insisted it went up to allow the guitar to sing more.. she didnt oblige (it was a female player..)

tk -> RE: Action at 12th fret - to guitar builders (Apr. 10 2007 17:26:10)

Hi Stephen,

thanks for the reply. Now I see why the measurements of my guitars were high because I was measuring them from the wood and not the metal fret! I should remeasure. Some how I thought that my guitars had high actions compared to the discussions but now i realised that we are not measuring from the same spot.

My Reyes has a 3.5mm from the wood to the string but I think I want to put it a little hogher since it sings better.



Anders Eliasson -> RE: Action at 12th fret - to guitar builders (Apr. 11 2007 8:14:21)

3mm 6th string, 12th fret is more or less standard.

Depending on playing style you can go lower and sometimes heavyhanders need a higher action.

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