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Donald -> Juan Martin Aberdeen,Esocia (Mar. 3 2007 20:40:32)

Juan Martin is appearing at Aberdeen Music Hall at 7.30pm, 24th May. Seems to have changed to more of a Gerardo Nunez line up and instrumentation setup.

koella -> RE: Juan Martin Aberdeen,Esocia (Mar. 3 2007 21:21:58)


Seems to have changed to more of a Gerardo Nunez line up and instrumentation setup.

If that's really the case then it's just so cheap. No matter how one thinks about him.
I mean, he always was proud of representing the old old school.
I guess he needs a bigger one ( swimming pool I mean )

Ron.M -> RE: Juan Martin Aberdeen,Esocia (Mar. 3 2007 22:31:20)

Thanks for that info Donald!
To tell you the truth, I will probably go along and see him (although he's been up here twice before), principally because the Music Hall is quite a small theatre.
I'm used to small venues and like them, as you can hear the guitar pretty close.
I'm not a downer on Juan Martin or anything, but even to an old hack like me, most of his recorded stuff sounds either boring or cheesy.

Still, as as a really good pro Flamenco guitarist said to me ...
"Records are Records....and Live performances are Live Performances!"

I'll try go without any preconceptions if possible and I'll try to report back with as much of an objective view as I can.



Donald -> RE: Juan Martin Aberdeen,Esocia (Mar. 9 2007 22:29:50)

Ron, Give me some description and I'll look out for you. I may have to come straight from work. It's been 3 years since we had any kind of performance so we have to take what we can get. Saliha from Edinburgh did a demonstration last year which I missed. The bumph describes the set up as a quintet with sax/flute included. A young Spanish girl is trying to set up a class, which fingers crossed may get up and running.

Ron.M -> RE: Juan Martin Aberdeen,Esocia (Mar. 10 2007 10:27:16)

My daughter will be returning from a school trip to France early that evening, so I may have to pick her up.
I don't have all the facts yet, but I'll let you know if I can make it nearer the time.
Description? ummm old, wrinkly, with long nails on the right hand and a Tomatito wig.



Grissom90 -> RE: Juan Martin Aberdeen,Esocia (Aug. 11 2007 11:10:18)

lol, most of the people here have long nails on their right hands lol, nice description tho :P. Saying that, most people at the venue will have long nails on one of their hands lol, wont b too hard to find you i guess [:D]

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