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jotego -> Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 20 2003 9:59:37)

There was a discussion a little while ago about Amalio Burguet's guitars. Well, a friend of mine visited the place yesterday and told me that for 1080 euros, it is possible to buy quite a good guitar, the most expensive models are about 3000 euros but it seems to be more aesthetics than sound.

Amalio also said that he exports guitars to Ireland.

gerundino63 -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 20 2003 11:30:21)

Hi Jotego!

Amalio Burguet make some fine models, A year ago, I bought an ABF, the top model, and I must say, the ABF, I liked more than the F1, the model a little cheaper.
The ABF is also built intirety by hand, by himself.
the others, are not build by himself.

After I bought the guitar, I got the seldom chance to buy a Gerundino guitar, so I am selling the ABF now in Holland.

greetings, Peter

Paco E. -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 24 2003 0:02:31)

Hello everybody, I can subscribe the meaning of Gerondino63,
The ABF is a wonderfull instrument, very well designed, the best materials, and a very high direct tone. short, high volume or projection, like one of the best loudspeakers, never the less, it´s no Gerondino, who has the ´Cathedral´sound, (like Paco Pena, azahara). It depends on the way YOU like to play.
My God, I wish I had the money for it.


Jim Opfer -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 27 2003 17:58:46)

I've played 2 Burguet guitars and I have to say that they were not very good. No doubt it was the particular model of guitar, as I've heard good reports, but these were signed and had the 'B' on the head. The sound was like plastic and the action on both instruments was redicullously low with lots of buzzing. The finish was that high gloss polyurethene varnish 'con pistola'
Just my experience and please don't be put off.

Billyboy -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 27 2003 23:51:22)

I tried an F2 Burguet, and it was immediately rewarding, but the shallow body gave it hardly ant depth of tone, once tried a Cedar top Gerundino at LGT and It was sweet, the type of guitar you fall in love with, incidentally when I was down there Eric Clapton had just been in and bought I think it was three Manuel Reyes flamencos.

Paco E. -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 29 2003 19:53:29)

Hai Billyboy,

Suprising, when you are in the shop and Eric Placton is passing by.

Manuel Ryes is, ofcourse top of the bill.
Why should Eric buy three guitars at the same time?
Because he could not decide wat´s the best.

I´am very intersted in that.

And as a P.S. the `taste` of what´s a nice sound is very personal and subjective.

Waiting for your reply.



Billyboy -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 30 2003 14:53:37)

When I was down there I asked Juan if he had any Gerundinos or Rehes, and he told me the story, he (Clapton) knowing they are the most souight after flamencos, and him having the money, Its understandable he bought the lot, I bet they never get properly played, most good players I have met, play on crap guitars, because to be good, means playing all day, meaning you are either unemployed, or if professionel, earning a meager income, and £8000 for a guitar is out of most peoples budget, the best guitars in the world, sit in bank vaults or hoarded in someone collection, and never get played, or sent to Japan, where they are pulled to pieces, in an effort to copy the structure. Another little story Juan told me, was the Earl of Westminster, I think thats his title, anyway he is the richest bloke in the country, owns most of London, he's wife came in and would only spend £100 for her daughters classical guitar.

Thomas Whiteley -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 30 2003 16:03:35)


When my brother William (Bill) was three we would go to the shoe store in San Francisco, owned by the three Ford brothers, who were from London. They would always recite a poem:

“William Whiteley of Westbourne Grove
Fell down stairs and broke his nose…"

A few years ago my brothers wife and children visited the Whiteley department store, just to say they had been there!

I bet they do not sell guitars! [:D]

Escribano -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 30 2003 16:23:00)


A few years ago my brothers wife and children visited the Whiteley department store, just to say they had been there! I bet they do not sell guitars!

Know it well, used to live around the corner. Sadly, William Whiteley was murdered in his store in 1907, the store closed in 1981 and was eventually replaced with Whiteley's shopping mall, the usual chain stores and multiplex cinema[:(]. I think you might find a music store in there, but no flamenco models.

Billyboy -> RE: Amalio Burguet's Guitars (Nov. 30 2003 16:58:45)

Thom, youv'e lost me on that one, I dont think we are on the same planet.?

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