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TGerman -> Is it better to buy in Spain? (Apr. 20 2006 13:00:31)

I am looking to buy a new guitar in the coming months and I will also be going back to Spain around the end of the summer and I hope to study somewhere (I'm not sure where to go yet). I was wondering, is it better/cheaper (with the conversion of euro to dollar) to buy a guitar in Spain rather than here in the States? If so, is it significantly different?

Any suggestions on what to buy? I honestly don't think my playing ability warrants such an expensive guitar, I'm still such a newbie. I played a Conde Hermanos and a Sanchis Lopez and found that I really liked how the Sanchis played though it was a negra and I think I prefer a blanca. As a side, I found out that Sanchis Lopez is made 2 miles from where I lived in Valencia, too bad I wasn't into guitars when I was there.

Thanks guys,

PacoPaella -> RE: Is it better to buy in Spain? (Apr. 20 2006 13:05:47)


i've learned that you can cut off up to 30% by buying directly. You should know what you want though, most makers dont have takeaway instruments available. It would be best to play as many guitars as possible where you are and to try and contact the maker by email or phone in advance. Some even build exclusive models for foreign shops, models you cannot get at their shop at all!

Buying a guitar is an exciting adventure. You dotn have to be Paco to buy a nice guitar, its something you reward yourself with, dont let anyone tell you something different - usually comes from people who envy you because they cannot afford the better instruments [;)]

Miguel de Maria -> RE: Is it better to buy in Spain? (Apr. 20 2006 14:02:45)

For around 1.5-2K those Francisco Navarros (from Paracho, Mexico), seem a good deal.

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