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estebanana -> Entre dos Fraguas (Apr. 28 2024 14:59:07)

Tell me has this flamenco dad joke been done before but I never heard until I just thought of it?

If there was ever an artist to sing on an album called ‘Entre’ dos Fraguas’ who would it be? ( I realize albums are a thing of the past )

Morante -> RE: Entre dos Fraguas (Apr. 28 2024 16:22:21)

Uno de ellos

orsonw -> RE: Entre dos Fraguas (Apr. 28 2024 17:37:25)

For me too Agujetas.
But also Antonio Mairena, another gitano from the fragua.

orsonw -> RE: Entre dos Fraguas (Apr. 28 2024 17:38:38)

I'll take the excuse to post this Agujetas solea with Parrilla.

estebanana -> RE: Entre dos Fraguas (Apr. 28 2024 19:15:23)

Excellent work gentlemen

estebanana -> RE: Entre dos Fraguas (Apr. 28 2024 19:16:32)



Uno de ellos

Thanks I totally forgot about this scene

Ricardo -> RE: Entre dos Fraguas (Apr. 29 2024 13:25:24)

I often felt that singing while working might be distracting, or could get you fired! (Same with cante mineros…something to do after work is done). However, Carceleras seems quite legit. See 27:27 on.

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