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Morante -> How to choose flamenco guitar strings (Feb. 23 2024 17:11:47)

Ricardo -> RE: How to choose flamenco guitar strings (Feb. 23 2024 18:05:24)

Can’t believe Ruben has permeated mainstream consciousness with his BS.

I go by Santos Hernandez:

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xirdneH_imiJ -> RE: How to choose flamenco guitar strings (Feb. 23 2024 20:10:42)

As a beginner you'll go through many guitar strings - especially if you decide to stick with the genre. You've got plenty of opportunity to try different brands and tensions, so I'd suggest to anyone to go through the process. I can tell you what I like, but ultimately it's your preference whether it comes to sound, feel, or longevity.
Some of the strings that are regularly recommended, I can't stand (Savarez, D'Addario). I hate strings that are too thin (Really the only thing wrong with D'Addarios), anything labelled as flamenco, I hate gold and coloured strings in general, and usually anything below high normal tension is just not enough for me. I tried nearly everything available until I settled on Luthier Silver 45s, these days Knoblochs.
Anyone will be able to tell their story, similarly to choosing your preferred guitar.

kitarist -> [Deleted] (Feb. 23 2024 21:37:38)

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Manitas de Lata -> RE: How to choose flamenco guitar strings (Feb. 24 2024 1:20:53)

today friday or tomorrow is the announcement of the Diego Morao Kno. model , strange that their site is not updated , only have the Luna model

ArrizzaMusic_11763 -> RE: How to choose flamenco guitar strings (Feb. 24 2024 1:40:05)

Thanks for posting this link! [:)]

Over the years I have gone through many different strings from D'addario to La Bella, and I have always gravitated towards the D'addarios as it was my first string plus I have liked their quality. I've tried different sets: EJ45, EJ45c, EJ45TT, and the new XTC sets. I have also used the EJ25 flamenco set (both black and clear) and they differ depending on the guitar I use. For my Yamaha flamenco, I use the EJ25c's, on my GK Pro I used to use EJ45TT's but found them too bright for my taste so I used the XTC45's. And then on my 2018 Culpepper cutaway I use either the XTC45 (normal) or the XTC45TT (dynacore) and seems to be nice...they are responsive and dynamic that have low enough tension to allow the top to vibrate more.

Yes I use normal tensions: I have tried the higher tensions before and didn't like them on my guitars.

metalhead -> RE: How to choose flamenco guitar strings (Feb. 27 2024 15:02:07)

I use EJ27N and I tell you what, these have got to be the crappiest and ****tiest strings in the world. These strings don't even last me 6 days, wtf? The only reason I use them is because they're very cheap and low in tension :((

Manitas de Lata -> RE: How to choose flamenco guitar strings (Feb. 27 2024 16:17:04)



lol tried those pre covid time , hated so much that i tried one day and next day tooked them off
Similar felling to the savarez 520 R (carte rouge) , altough these were better

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